Under Armour What’s Beautiful?

Show of hands if you sport Under Armour. It’s a fantastic brand and I know I have a few pieces of tops and headbands that I adore.

Under Armour recently debuted their latest campaign, What’s Beautiful? After watching the What’s Beautiful short video, I had goose bumps…and immediately wanted to hit the gym. The women are insanely gorgeous, fit and all-out hawt!

What’s Beautiful encourages women to declare a goal that challenges their personal fitness and athletic aspirations. Gals can then post videos, photos and diary entries to share their progress.

We’re going to show the world what beautiful really is. Are you in? The three women who push it the hardest and farthest will become the new faces of Under Armour Women and have their lives sponsored for a year with greatness, glory and gear. Step up. Declare your goal.

Under Armour will nominate ten finalists and 3 winners will be named. One by public vote! And the loot is suhweet! Three winners will be awarded a one-year ‘sponsorship’ deal with Under Armour which includes access to special events, training with UA celebrity trainers, gear for a year and nutritional support. The remaining finalists will earn an on-going spot on the Under Armour Women’s Ambassador Team and receive $1,000 worth of Under Armour gear.

I am fully behind this campaign! I love seeing strong, fit women kicking a**.

What would be your declaration? I will….


10 responses to “Under Armour What’s Beautiful?

  1. I LOVE the campaign, I think it’s perfect. I love that the whole strong is beautiful concept is “sticking” and that they promote this wholeheartedly through this effort of theirs. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

  2. Go Under Armour! This is a brilliant idea on their end and it’s so encouraging seeing “every day” women show their strengths and talents in order to achieve an end goal which in this case has an amazing reward 🙂 Good luck!!!

  3. This is so amazing! This is the type of campaign that I want my young nieces and future children to grown up with. An inspiring, POSITIVE message.
    My declaration is to not focus on how my body looks, but rather on how it feels…I strive to feel strong and able.
    Bravo Under Armour, BRAVO!

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