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Well looks like we have some real pistachio enthusiasts among us:) Hope y’all had an amazeballs weekend.

I interrupt our regularly scheduled Monday post to let you know I’m moonlighting over at the fantastic iRunner Blog. I am a massive fan of this site, the authors, the content, and I have learned an ample amount about running and health from the team. I have the distinct honor of now being a part of the team. [blushing] No, I didn’t have to pay them to let me join, but I should have! Seriously, this is a damn cool plus-up.

So, if you don’t mind, please check out my first post at my regular column, “Running to Me.” Today we’re talking about how not to lose your running mojo. We all get that post-race lull or just get the average running blues where fatigue sets in. I’ve got a few good tips on how to keep your running smart.

What helps you break out of your running or workout funk?


4 responses to “iRunner Blog – Running to Me

  1. Very cool lady! Great article. To keep me inspired I like to set goals…a race for example or a new PR that I would like to achieve. I also like to schedule run dates ahead of time with a friend or group. If I know someone is waiting for me, I will always show up!

    Also, reward yourself for a job well done! When I finished my marathon I treated myself to a new jacket and TOMS shoes as a treat 🙂

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