Guest Blog Spotlight from Norak: What pushes you to the finish line?

Karon, better known as Norak, is my beautiful, amazing, ridiculously talented, rock star mom. She recently competed her 2nd half marathon, competing in the St. Jude Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Rock ‘n’ Roll series. She nailed a TWO HOUR finish! Knocking off a solid 15 min from her first half. I know where I get it from:) Norak mentioned she had a post for me, say no more! Welcome Norak as she talks about her recent race experience.

How do you make it through the last mile of the race? Are you trying to beat the person in front of you, trying to beat your PR or just trying to get that medal? I just finished my 2nd half marathon and it was definitely more challenging than my first for several reasons.

  • I knew there would be hills but didn’t expect so many, and no matter what the cheering crowd said it was NEVER the last hill.
  • To the walkers: I understand if you have to walk at the end of the race but what’s up with walking at the start. Please move to the back of the line.

And this was my first half that I ran solo. I missed my coach. How was I ever going to make it to the end without that person yelling at me “Pick it up NORAK you can do it?” This race I was running alone, which is really what I dreaded more than the hills. I filled my iPod with great music, put my ChronoTrack D-Tag on my shoe all by myself and went out the door like a big girl. My supportive husband was waiting for me at mile 3 so that motivated me up the first 3 hills. I set up text messaging at the splits for hubby and my running partner back home. Those texts kept me motivated up to mile 10. After all, I didn’t want them to think I fell down or got picked up by the medics along the course.

Once I passed mile marker 10 I had to find a new motivation. I don’t remember hearing any music or listening to the crowds past the 10th mile. What I kept hearing in my head was my son-in-law telling me how to run up hills and kick it at the finish line and my daughter yelling at me to keep my feet moving and don’t stop. I pictured her beside me yelling loudly inspirationally to go faster until your feet hit the finish line. She may not have physically been with me but I felt her presence every step of that last mile.

Thanks for the motivation my sweet daughter. So thankful you challenged me to take up the sport of running. I think I’ve still got a few more races in these knees and looking forward to our next one together.

What pushes you through the last mile?

*Full disclosure, I promise I didn’t pay my mom to say these things. But Norak, the checks in the mail:) And you definitely have many more miles to go!

9 responses to “Guest Blog Spotlight from Norak: What pushes you to the finish line?

  1. I agree with Jess! Such a motivating read before my race this Sunday. Congrats to your mother on a 15 minute PR…truly amazing and inspiring.

    What pushed me is knowing that I want to leave all that I have on that course and run a race I am proud of…to be the best runner/racer that I can be.

  2. Aw- that’s amazing that your mom is a runner (an awesome one at that) and credits you for challenging and motivating her. That’s incredible. Congrats Norak!

  3. Total awesomeness your mom is… this post brought tears to my eyes, my mom runs too (not as fast) but she does not live close for me to be able to share more running moments with her. It still fills me with pride to say that my mom is a runner, so I know how you feel. Keep it up Norak!

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