Equipping Your Kitchen – Healthy, Smart Must-Haves

I’ve noticed that there have been a few articles floating around the interwebs talking about the best tools to equip your kitchen with for healthy cooking. The hus and I love to cook, well I am definitely the family baker, but we have a bunch of fun gadgets.

Fitsugar rattled off the Top 26 Must-Have Tools for Home Chefs, and here’s what I swear by from the list:

  • Pyrex Storage Containers: Seriously use my Pyrex every. single. day. Hey brides to be – register for these!!
  • Oil and Vinegar Misters: I was a cynic at first, but now I think these Mr Misters come in handy for baking, spraying pans, and managing a whole bunch of other kitchen duties.
  • Slow Cooker: Who doesn’t like to come home to the house smelling like you’ve been slaving away all day?

What I would have liked to see on the list:

See how awesome cooking can be?! What’s a gadget that you want to add to the list?


18 responses to “Equipping Your Kitchen – Healthy, Smart Must-Haves

  1. Yes! I have all of those and love them. I never thought to use a vinegar misto though. Great idea. I am a self-confessed kitchen gadget addict. Personally I love my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Very pricey but it was a gift and I’ve had it for ten years without any problems. I use it 2-3 times a week for baking and even use it to shred chicken (weird trick but it works SO well). I also love my panini press. It makes basic BLT’s seem like cute bistro quality.

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  3. I’ve never heard of the mister, but I think I’ll have to make a purchase soon.
    I JUST got an apple corer and slicer and am in love with it!
    I’dd add a dehydrator to the list. I make healthy dog treats, banana chips, or dry any other fruit that is going bad!

    • It’s Mr Mister to you:) jk. You know I adore apples and have never thought about getting a slicer, I should!

      OK dehydrator is on my dream list – great idea!

  4. I’ve recently started to use my Silpat very regularly, and I’m not sure how I got by without using it for such a long time! I don’t really bake very often, but i use it to roast potatoes (that usually stick to EVERY other surface) and it works like a charm!

  5. Want the misters!! I’m not one to seek out kitchen gadgets, but the ones I do have make my life a lot easier. I have a “slow-cooker” on the wishlist, too – the Madre usually snatches these things for me and randomly gifts them. 😉

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