Cinque Terre – Hiking…drinking and eating our way through the 5 Lands

The hus and I returned this week from a magnificent vacation in Cinque Terre, Italy. If you are more of a layout on the beach and sip pina coladas kind of traveler, this destination might not be on the top of your list. Cinque Terre means “Five Lands” and we spent our time walking the few miles of terrain between each lovely village.

Throughout our trek we would stop in each town and have a local delicacy, which meant anything from pasta, FRESH seafood, gelato, to vino or Lemoncino. The smells and flavors of each town were similar to Italy but unique to the region.

It’s something that I think you have to try, especially as I know many of y’all are very athletic. You’re hiking in the most beautiful scenery, and I can only imagine the smells and views in September when the vineyards are full.

Here’s a breakdown of Cinque Terre:
Riomaggiore -> Manarola – 25 minute paved walk via the Via Dell’Amore (“Love Walk”). Fantastic sea views.

Manarola -> Corniglia – map said 3 hours, we did 1:45, beautiful walk in the vineyards. Best views of the entire coast from atop the mountain. *We stayed in Manarola, which is that beautiful pic above.

Corniglia -> Vernazza – OK this is a no-no, but we didn’t know the path was closed, due to the floods last October. It was a gorgeous trek, not bad at all, in an 1:10.

Vernazza -> Monterosso al Mare – a great hike, easiest of them all, but Monterosso was not my favorite. We only visited once; odd as Monterosso is where mostly everyone stays.

Overall, I am finding that my best vacations have been ones where I am constantly going places and seeing things. There’s still so many places we are looking to visit and I can’t wait to continue exploring.

What’s been one of your most unexpected activities on vacation?

17 responses to “Cinque Terre – Hiking…drinking and eating our way through the 5 Lands

  1. It looks amazing there! I’m in love with the colours from the buildings to the water. I love exploring and mini adventures when I’m on holidays. I think I need to add this to the wish list!

  2. Speechless, here. This vacation sounds so perfect to me! Gorgeous scenery, ITALY, walking/hiking, coastal views, good food…amazing. Have I mentioned how much I love living vicariously through your Ex-pat adventures? 😉

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