You Keep Moving

Today, you’re moving. Be it from the car to work, your house to a morning/evening run. Celebrate movement. I have heard some amazing stories from the finishers at the Boston and London marathon.

While the runners breaking records and PRs are reason enough to celebrate, the stories of those that triumphed over adversity shows the pure awesomeness of the human spirit. I cannot imagine getting a leg cramp, knee sprain or other injury during a race – much less one that is 26.2 miles. For these participants to push through the anger, the pain, and carry themselves through to the finish is truly inspirational.

So for everyone today – celebrate the ability to conquer and keep on moving.

Where are you moving today?

11 responses to “You Keep Moving

  1. Ohh I love the idea of celebrating movement, celebrating ability. It’s so easy to get caught up in the go, go, go aspect of life but how quickly forget that the ability to move is a true blessing.

  2. I am literally moving into my new house! 😉 …but before that starts, I moved at the gym, a walk/run and leg workout already this morning…

    and YES, I agree with Jess – having the ability to freely move, I appreciate that gift all the time!

  3. Three cheers to that. I needed this today as I beat myself up for stressing some runs of late. Celebrate any movement we get. Each day. So so true.

  4. Last night I “moved” those of us who showed up to a bootcamp through a workout, since our Sgt. leader never showed up. Not really the same, but at least we got our workout in.

    The stories of courage and bravery will always trump those of seconds off of a world record. Though each are remarkable in their own ways, reminding us what our brains can really accomplish.

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