Friday Five

And a lucky Friday the 13th to you!!

1. I’M WATCHING: This amazing short video on a friendly cycling competition. UD Cycling Classic – “Red Paper Heart was asked by Urbandaddy to create an installation for the E2NY Music and Arts festival this summer. They proposed a head to head bike race inspired by Goldsprints, but with more of a design focus. They mapped forests, foxbears and orbs to the speed of the bikes, giving the riders a sense of their speed”.

2. I’M READING: Is Sugar Toxic?. Runner’s World has a blood sugar raising article on the links between sugar and disease. This coming after my chocolate bunny hangover is the last thing I need to hear…again.

3. I’M PINNING: Bit by the travel bug. The husband and I have glorious plans to head off again to Italy. This time, we’re hiking/drinking our way through Cinque Terre. Cannot. Wait.

4. I’M LISTENING TO: Fun – We Are Young. This song makes me feel like I’m a full-on singer. I belt it like Babs. How can this not be on your workout playlist?

5. I’M EATING: Out of a tagine! It’s our new little cooking weapon. It looks like a gigantic “Sorry” game piece but it’s actually quite tasty. Consider it the Crockpot’s Moroccan cousin.

Make it a Friday Six by telling me what you are digging!


21 responses to “Friday Five

  1. You will have to tell me exactly what you’re cooking in that contraption. It looks sort of awesome. Even if I’d buy it and just have it sit around for show… ha ha

    I’m digging the recipe I just found for cupcakes I’m making this weekend. (For a going away party- I swear I have an excuse!)

  2. what the heck is this tagine!? that is awesome and i want one right now. love that song!!! i’m jealous of italy. i went in 09 to rome and florence. absolutely loved it, but now i need to go to new parts!

  3. Ahhh, the Cinque Terre, one of my most favorite things I’ve ever done, hiking that trail, so amazing. Keep an eye out of the little cafe along the trail where you can buy some aqua minerale or vino.

  4. Love love love FUN – I was a huge fan of The Format, and as soon as I heard this song I knew that guy was back. His voice is so distinct.

    “glorious plans to head off again to Italy.” your life…. can I come sleep on your couch and join the weekend adventures?!

  5. I love me some FUN…the whole album is worthy of a listen (or five!)…my ears love it 🙂

    This week I am really digging my teal skinny jeans and the book Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong….oh, and paint! I am up to my ears in paint colors trying to narrow down what I want to go with in my new home.

  6. I love that little gadget thing!! I’ve never seen anything like it and it may be a future purchase 🙂 Thanks for the song recommendation, I immediately downloaded it! Happy Friday!!!

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