What Not To Wear

On this edition of “What Not to Wear” we’ll discuss how to dress like a legit runner. Even if we’re not running like a gazelle we can sure as sugar look the part. With help from Fitsugar , here are top tips to dressing right for running.

Don’t get your panties in a bunch:
Let’s start from the bottom. Save your favorite pair of Victoria Secret or David Beckham underoos for a hot date night. Most running shorts and tights for women come with built-in support. If you are wearing undies, be sure they are NOT cotton (ick).

Stay comfortable and dry with some full coverage wicking undies.

Sock it to ’em: Again, avoid the cotton. Your feet are doing some hard work down there and it’s best to treat your tootsies to something breathable. The last thing you want is a nasty blister.

Splurge on some thin wicking socks made specifically for workouts (Smartwool, Thorlo, Teko…) It’s better to go with styles that cover your ankle so you don’t have to worry about your socks slipping into your sneaker.

Don’t go sneakin’ around: I’m talking to the guy at my gym who wears Toms Shoes on the treadmill. Hand to the sky, true story. Save the cute sneakers for bumming around. If you’re serious about running, get serious about wearing the right kicks.

Professionals at running stores will be able to suggest shoes based on the width of your foot, pronation, how much you run, the surface you run on, and where your foot strikes. A perfect fitting sneaker can help prevent shin splints, knee pain, and blisters.

You might end up paying more up-front to equip yourself with the right running gear, but in the long run (pun intended) you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you are saving, from both an injury and economical standpoint. I have a closet full of Nike and Lululemon gear and yea it’s pricey, but it’s worth every penny. The right gear lasts longer than some of the cheaper stuff you’ll buy.

What was the first piece of legit running clothing you purchased?


15 responses to “What Not To Wear

  1. This reminds me how much I NEED to update my running gear for the spring – on my list: more running socks, more lulu run shorts (I only have one pair and wear them to death!) and more running tops (I want the Brooks running singlet, nice and light and airy)!

  2. My first piece was a pair of Nike running tights. A great investment for Michigan winters. I just bought those Lululemon run turbo shorts and I am IN LOVE! Worth every penny. Looking at all of these fun clothes makes me want to bust out my credit card and go on a shopping spree!

  3. When I see people at the gym running in converses and vans… I’m shocked as well…. I always wonder how their feet and knees feel. LOL

    Besides sneakers, I think my first legit “running item” was socks. They make such a big difference, especially on long runs!

  4. “Hand to the sky, true story.” Only you – hah, SO Georgia-cute.

    Nike and lulu are running-attire investments that are 100% worth the splurge. The materials last, they wick, they’re comfortable and I can can also wear them to work. WIN. 😉

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