Monday Motivation – Cheerleading: A Bystander Sport

I’ve recently read some great posts about people volunteering or going to support a friend or loved one at a race. This kind of healthy energy is contagious.

Typically I’m the one racing, but this weekend I took a seat on the sideline and went to support the hus in a mountain biking competition.

Me and mountain biking do not mix, so no crazy ideas you’ll ever find me in one of these races. Andrew however is naturally athletic and happens to be a dayum good mountain biker. It was fun helping him get all set-up for the race, including making the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich – tasty fuel. I cheered from the sidelines and watched him come in 4th overall and tops in his age group for the mini-marathon.

Later this month I’ll be cheering on Norak as she goes out for the Nashville Rock & Roll Half Marathon.

It’s awesome to be able to support and applaud my family and friends, and it’s something I encourage us all to do more of. This week, be it at a race or your local gym, go show some support for a friend. Your enthusiasm and encouragement does wonders for motivation.

What’s the best cheer sign you’ve ever seen at a race?


17 responses to “Monday Motivation – Cheerleading: A Bystander Sport

  1. As the guy who put clipless pedals on your bike and said “GO!”, this natural athletic win doesn’t surprise me 😉 So amazing – congrats to him!!

    Norak is in another half?! Look at you, rubbing off on the Fam. I’ll be cheering for her, too, from the District!

    • haha, how could I forget:)

      Thanks – you know what it’s like being in love with a biker.

      Norak is at it again, crazy I know. Glad some of my better habits are rubbing off:)

  2. This is exactly why I’m so excited to finally see the Boston Marathon — to cheer all of those runners on, particularly as they near Heartbreak Hill? An awesome way to pay it forward to all of my friends and family who have cheered me on race after race after race. So fun! Congrats to the hubs btw!

  3. Congrats to Andy. Wish you were running the Nashville race with me. I am not able to go to Boston to cheer on Lena but I will try to give her a proper send off and welcome home.

  4. Congrats to your husband! Awesome job:-)

    I have cheered at a few races and it is so inspiring! I loved cheering at the Kalamazoo Marathon finish line last year watching the runners cross the finish line. So inspiring! That is when I decided that I want to run one myself.

    I love race signs too….

    “Chuck Norris never ran a marathon”

    “Kick Asphalt”

    “If it was easy, I would do it”

    “Toenails are overrated”

    “You trained longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage!”


  5. Congratulations to your hubby!
    I’m usually participating, but last year I was injured when my husband ran a marathon. I had a blast biking around the course and stopping at different points to cheer and give him some fuel!

  6. Great post. Much props to those family members that have made signs, walked to different locations to cheer and hold up those signs.

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