Happy Easter – Peep This

Does anyone else still get an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny? No? Just me?

My parents The Easter Bunny is one hoppening dude.

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter holiday weekend with friends and family.

If you do happen to receive some nomnom treats from Mr Easter Bunny, be prepared to hop, run, walk off some of those sweets.

FitSugar shows us “What 100 Calories of Easter Candy Looks Like” and it’s small, sad and depressing.

I can’t leave you like this…peep it out:

Plans for the Easter weekend? Favorite Easter candy??


7 responses to “Happy Easter – Peep This

  1. I love whopper robin eggs. And get really sad when they’re not in my basket. Because yes, my mom insists on still doing baskets, too.

    I think her argument is “I have to keep practicing for when grandkids start to come”.

    Like there couldn’t be a bigger hint. Geez.

    • Norak absolutely loves those eggs too. She goes through a whole carton. Remember those Rainblo bubble gum eggs, mmm.

      keep practicing, ah that’s priceless.

  2. The Easter Bunny sent me a basket, too! Full of goodies- the best (my favorite) being the Reese’s eggs. F-ing LOVE those things.

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