From Bras to Balls – When To Replace Your Workout Stuff

Seems a few of you enjoyed the “spring cleaning include your running shoes” tip. Fitness Magazine has a few more bits of advice on when you should replace your favorite workout gear to make sure that you are in tip-top training shape:

Activewear: Be sure to check your labels on how to care for your garments to extend their lifespan. Fabric softener diminishes the breathability, water repellency, and wicking ability of performance fabrics — so those items will lose their power within months if you don’t care for them properly.

Sport Bras: In the advertising words of Anna Kournikova, “Only the ball should bounce.” The more you wash and wear your bra, the more you’ll weaken its elasticity. Line-dry your sports bra to preserve the elastic.

Stability Balls: Key word is stability. Some stability ball life spans are just 12 months, and even shorter if you deflate-and-inflate your ball repeatedly…consult the manufacturer’s information.

Yoga Mat: Don’t let your mat lose it’s zen. Little holes, slippery areas, or an odor that refuses to be washed out are the biggest signs that a mat should be trashed.

Read more helpful tips from Fitness MagazineWhen to Replace Your Exercise Essentials.”

What’s once piece of workout gear you’d like to upgrade?

11 responses to “From Bras to Balls – When To Replace Your Workout Stuff

  1. I need a fitness equipment overhaul! If I had won the lottery I’d be able to get everything I need. Damn you, lottery! Anyway, new shoes and a new yoga mat are on the top of my list – I need to replace both of those soon.

  2. I am upgrading my shoes today…just in time to break them in before my marathon next month. I also need some new running tanks.

    PS. Love that Anna Kournikova quote 🙂

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