April Goals – Inside & Outside the Gym

Clearly, since I’m writing you, I was not a lucky lottery winner.

Hello, April. It’s time to get on the spring goal train. Things to keep me focused, and general things that I would like to improve.

April Motivators:
– Practice more quality time – did you hear that iPhone?
– Get back full-on with my morning workout routine
– SCHEDULE a race
– One vegetarian day a week
– Eat clean
– Limit mindless browsing to 30 min per day; including the social networks (you know who you are!)
– Read at least 15 minutes a day
– Keep faith in myself and work for it

What’s on your list of goals for April?


19 responses to “April Goals – Inside & Outside the Gym

  1. Now that training is over and I’m not really tracking my calories/protein/carbs, my goal is to eat mindfully. However, that will start tomorrow. I’m still in post-race mode and eating everything in sight… :p

  2. Great goals girl!!
    I’ve been working on trusting my body…and getting better at running/racing. Other wise I’m just looking forward to the beautiful spring weather, Easter, and my b-day this month! 🙂
    I hope your April is off to a great start!

  3. Those are great goals! I could never keep my aimless internet meanderings down to 30 minutes, but I’d love to.

  4. One vegetarian day, less iPhone and a race?! girlfriend, kudos. April sounds like we’re on the same wave length 😉 (except, um, vegetarian x7)

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