82Go Water – Got It On The Go

Do I have something that will wet your whistle! The fine people over at 82Go Water graciously sent me a fabulous package of their water bods.

Remember me bragging about these hot bods after seeing a review of the NYC Marathon?

82Go Water Bods are 8oz of essential, purified hydration in a breakthrough portable package.

Bods are perfect for keeping active people hydrated and refreshed, while being very friendly to the environment. Each Bod has less plastic than an average bottle cap, and once used, over 5000 bods can be recycled in a 32 gallon trash can.

The 82Go Water Bods are absolutely perfect for use during a race. No more missing your mouth or dousing yourself in water from a cup. By simply the pinching the corner open on the bod you are ready to drink.

My first reaction when actually picking up a pouch was thinking they would be great to pack for hiking or biking. Small, lightweight, portable. They weren’t exactly pocket friendly for a run, but Norak and I are troopers! Thanks to the warm weather, Norak and I decided to do a test run with the bods, pun intended. I froze a few bods and packed a cooler of these for our road trip to Florida.

The bods were quiet handy during the run, and since we were hot we almost had a mini water balloon fight. They were the perfect amount of water.

You want?? Currently, the bods are available for purchase in the South Florida area, and will be rolling out in other markets in the coming months. Or be on the lookout for them at local races as well.

Have you seen the 82Go Water bods? What makes you work up a thirst?


11 responses to “82Go Water – Got It On The Go

  1. Holy Crap! I ran a race in Miami a few months ago and they were using these things. I wrote about it on my blog b/c i thought they were just about the greatest new thing I have seen incorporated into a race in years. They are simply the best. I am a big fan.

  2. I’ve never seen these but what a freaking awesome idea! I’m such a mess trying to drink water while racing – I think these could potentially help me both stay hydrated and look like less of an idiot. 😉

  3. Seriously, GENIUS!! Why didn’t we think of something like this?!?! Seems like a no-brainer 😉 HA, well I hope if they make it to my side of the world, I could test them out but it beats carrying a water bottle!! Happy Weekend!

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