Spring Cleaning – Include Your Running Shoes

Out with the old in with the new…shoes. The pros say you should get between 300 and 500 miles out of your shoes. It dawned on me a few weeks ago that my shoes were running out of miles. I typically keep good track of my mileage but I had grown emotionally close to my kicks and honestly wasn’t looking forward to parting with them.

Most people will wait until their soles fall off, but by then it’s too late. How do you know when it’s time to get a new pair of running shoes?

Runner’s World advises:
Stick your finger into the midsole to see if it feels brittle or compressed

Place your shoes on a table and check them for imbalances, such as worn areas or tilting to one side or the other

Listen to your aches and pains–they often mean it’s time for a new pair of shoes.

This spring, as we kick off a new workout and race season, get to stepping with new running shoes. Shopping is always a good motivator for me, mwhaha! I was uber pleased that my Mizuno Wave Inspire came in a fun color. No offense, I typically get hosed and stuck with shoes that have flowers and prints all over them.

What’s your tell·tale sign to get a new pair of kicks? Have you ever blown out a flip flop?

13 responses to “Spring Cleaning – Include Your Running Shoes

  1. My legs usually tell me when its time for a new pair. My knee will start to bug me or I’ll start getting shin splints or some other sign that says – time for new kicks. NOW! 😉

    Plus, who doesn’t love shopping for new sneakers, right??

  2. Ever see that IKEA commercial where the old lamp is outside on the curb looking all sad? Well, this is me when it comes to pitching my old shoes. I am like some crazy hoarder of them, they totally are hard to throw away. I’ve spent so much time with them! I have just thrown away a bunch of old pairs, spring cleaning of my running collection.

  3. I love your advice, thanks!! I admit, I have waited until the soles start to fall apart but have tried to keep a more detailed log recently to try and keep my feet and legs happy 🙂

  4. When I start having a random pain somewhere that I normally don’t, I know it’s time! I just got new ones and I am breaking them in and the soles of my feet hurt a little and I wonder if it’s breaking them in or worse, if they are wrong for my feet (even though I got fitted at a running store, like my last pair). Hopefully it’s the former!

  5. Amen! I happily trade the old for new as soon as I realize the annoyingly-light-but-present knee aches just won’t go away during a run, but are gone as soon as the shoes come off. Mine are often so dirty that when I go to buy new ones, they look like an entirely different shoe. 😉 Sign of a sole well-worn.

  6. I just got a new pair today. I roughly go by 500-600 miles a pair but when my legs starting feeling a little sore/beaten up- that was the nudge I needed to get some new ones.

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