The Aftermath of Adult Spring Break

I’m back! Well almost. Trying to recover from a long week. My brother is officially and honest man. Thank you all for your very sweet wishes.

Happy first day of spring!!

Running in the warm Florida sun was such a treat, and I can’t believe I stuck to my running plans on vacation — definitely a first. Norak kept my beach buns in check.

Apart from seeing loads of St Patty’s celebration pics from the weekend, seems there were dozens of my friends doing races in places like Atlanta, DC, and New York. Congrats to everyone who ran! I am beyond itchy to find a race. Spring race fever is upon me. I’m looking for something like a fun run or maybe a half.

When trying to find an activity like a race, what resources do you use to choose one?

11 responses to “The Aftermath of Adult Spring Break

  1. Such a cute pic! I’m glad you enjoyed your adult spring break! 🙂 I use lots of different resources when I’m looking for races…My local running store, Runners World, and a bunch of running sites like and the like. It seems like every year there are more and more spring races to choose from – I’m sure you’ll find one!

  2. Beautiful family photo – you can tell everyone’s so happy! Great job sticking to your workouts. I’m not so awesome at that, but I did do a lot of walking this weekend. I guess it doesn’t count if it was around St. Patty’s block parties. 🙂

  3. im confused as to why you aren’t using that amazing picture of you and your bro as your FB profile pic.

  4. So much sunshine! And big smiles 🙂

    I usually pick something local first (races), and we tend to stick to the usual lot (10Ks, halfs, 10-milers). The running group will throw out a lot of suggestions for races up and down the coast, in which case we might actually try something new 😉

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