You Are What You Eat – I’m Chocolate & Marshmallow

I think it was my third day eating a Nature Valley’s granola bar for breakfast when I realized what a major slacker I had become. Quick fixes can leave me feeling more guilty than satisfied. It was time to step away….step away slowly from the packaged foods.

I’ve decided to give my weekly routine a boost of some natural, organic, and – most-important – healthy treats.

Here’s my gameplan:
– Plan ahead: I’ve marked out not just my dinners, but breakfast and lunch. No more falling back on an old faithful routine.

– Be fruit-ful: I adore fruits and it’s time to considering picking up a ripe banana or clementine when I want to reach for a quick snack, sorry pre-made bars.

– Check the label: I am going to try and cook everything as fresh as possible. When I can’t, I am going to make sure to look at labels to make sure I’m not getting too much sugar, sat fat, sodium or carbs.

Since this whole planning a menu thing is new to me, does anybody plan out their week?


13 responses to “You Are What You Eat – I’m Chocolate & Marshmallow

  1. I usually plan out a day or two at a time. It’s much less overwhelming for me, plus it’s easier to judge my cravings. I’m fickle and by the time friday rolls around, I’m never craving what I’ve listed to make….

  2. I think about food and my meals all the time. My husband laughs at me – we’ll be eating dinner and I’ll ask him ‘so, what do you want to have for dinner tomorrow?’ or “oh what should we do for date night in on Saturday night?’ he thinks I’m nuts but hey,I love food and love planning it and love EATING it. 😉 Good luck with your own planning!

  3. I always plan meals! We never stick to the plan 100% – but it’s there to get us started, and fill up the fridge with things that at least have the potential to make a healthy meal 😉 I never think too much about breakfast, because it’s usually one of three things – but lunches and dinners require a little more prep. Plus, if we do dinner smart, we have leftovers for lunch! Win, win.

  4. Meal planning is a constant struggle for me. I’ll get in a good groove for a few months and then fall back into a plan-less eating life. Right now, I’m trying to focus on making more meals at home and dedicating time to cooking.

  5. I started out planning out dinners. My lunches are almost always salads because I try to eat at least 1 salad every day and its a really easy lunch to pack. Breakfast is always a protein shake post-CrossFit and fruit when I get to work. Planning dinners has really helped with groceries and not having to throw away food. Plus, I keep it posted on the fridge so the husband never has questions 🙂

  6. hehe I would love to be chocolate & marshmallow!!
    I do enough planning with my workouts that I let my body decide what it wants to eat and don’t really plan anything…I am a creature of habit though so my meals are usually similar most days.
    Maybe I should start planning so I can get in new-to-me-foods!
    I can’t wait to hear how your meal-planning goes, keep us updated! 🙂

  7. I try to plan my weeks out, but I don’t always stick to my plan! 🙂 I find the more meals I prep on Sunday the more likely I am to stick to my plan. And I try to stay prepared and keep my desk stocked with good snacks so I don’t run out and buy snacks…Or candy like I did today!

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