Running Flashback: Where Were You One Year Ago?

This past weekend marked the anniversary of me and my mom’s first half marathon. Oh, Disney Princess Half Marathon how we missed you! It wasn’t until I saw all the tutu and glitter coverage online that I realized it has already been a year! Time runs flies by.

While I am still figuring out my race plans for this year, I look back to this time last year. Racing with my mom (unreal!) and training insanely unbelievably hard for my first marathon.

As for Norak, I got her the Garmin 405 Forerunner (yes, a model up from mine!) for Christmas and she proudly told me last week that she’s clocked 150 miles in two months. Proof running never gets old.

I think it’s important to make sure you keep tabs on how much you’re growing, be it from one month, a week, or a year. Look back and give yourself some credit.

Running or otherwise, what surprises you most about where you were a year ago?


17 responses to “Running Flashback: Where Were You One Year Ago?

  1. I went from a suburb girl to a city girl in the last year, so it’s crazy to see how much my daily routines have changed and how much I’ve become comfortable with an entirely new atmosphere.

    But a year ago I was also training for a half and complaining about the cold. So not everything changes… ha

  2. True that! A year ago I had still not caught the running bug, as a mater of fact I disliked it very much… Is kind of crazy to that today I have a couple of races under my belt including 2 half-marathons, that I now blog about running and that I am now heading a group of about 25 ladies ready to take into running themselves. I am actually working on a post for my beginners and quoting this: “A year from now you will wish you had started today”

  3. A year ago as a runner? I was working harder, not smarter. And my body cried out at me to take a step back. I’m much stronger and smarter about my workouts now and it’s paying off big time. I run strong, pain-free, and have a lot of fun while I do it. The same translates to all of my workouts. It’s amazing what a little perspective can do, right?

    PS your mom is awesome!

    • You have learned so much, even in the past few weeks you’re progress is unreal. Very motivating. The work smarter mantra is so true, bumper sticker that for me.

      And you’re traveling to fun places now!!

  4. i was training for a marathon and injured. Wish i could have done it differently, but i learned my lesson. Now i am still healing and i am okay with that.

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  6. Not sure what this says about my sense of time, but it seems like longer than a year ago that you + Norak killed that half together! Whoa.

    A year ago I was in Colorado, getting ready for my first trip (since the move) back to DC. I was basically bursting at the seams, every minute of every day. Obviously there was some unfinished business here, but whoa, little did I know… 😉

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