Monday Motivation: Positive Affirmations

I overheard friends this weekend talking about an incredible book that had a profound impact on their lives. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne; the book came out a few years ago, sorry if I’m late to the party but at least I showed up! I immediately researched the book.

It was so good that Oprah got her hands on it: “…The Secret, was created by Australian Rhonda Byrne, and she says that if you follow its philosophy, you can create the life you want—whether that means getting out of debt, finding a more fulfilling job or even falling in love.”

“The Secret” is based on the law of attraction, that we attract the things we want in our lives based on thinking positively about what it is we want. I understand that there are definitely some things that could raise eyebrows about this. It’s not like rubbing a Genie and asking for a load of cash, but it’s about saying you want to be more financially successful thus putting your thoughts around all the good things you can do to save and earn more money. Being positively conscious about your decisions.

Let’s kick off the week by keeping our affirmations positive! Focus on your desired outcome.

Start by knowing what it is you want: Something that excites you — relationship, experience, etc.

Say what it is you want: Scream it out loud, whisper to yourself, write it down, visualize it. Just get it out!

Relax and wait it out: Be patient and keep yourself busy living in the moment while you wait for things to naturally come to you. It’s like when you order food at a restaurant and it always come once someone gets up to go to the bathroom.

I am going to be picking up a copy of the book, but wanted to know if anyone out there has already read it? Are you thinking about making a positive affirmation?


4 responses to “Monday Motivation: Positive Affirmations

  1. I haven’t read it – yet – but have heard of it. The Law of Attraction is talked about a lot in the lululemon “culture” – like attracts like, surround yourself with people who inspire and challenge you, think optimistically, etc. It’s all coming from the right place, and it all involves changing your mindset to one where you really believe you’re capable of achieving the things you want for yourself!

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