Spring Fever & Cold Snaps

Spring is definitely in the air bringing us warmer temps, but I know as soon as I put my favorite Nike running hoodie away for the winter the weather will cool off. The biggest conundrum I face when walking, hiking, working out, running, etc. outdoors is how to dress.

There is always the general rule of thumb that if you are a bit cool at the start of your outdoor activity that you’ll be OK as your body temp will rise as you move. Throw in the fact that I’m always more cold on my arms than on my legs, and I am seriously confused.

Everyone’s bodies are different. To help us sort out the changing temps, I have a lovely “How To Dress For The Weather” cheat sheet for you to use as a guide:

Runner’s World has a handy tool on their site as well: What should I wear?Find the right running clothes to wear for the current weather condition

Now if it could only match my outfits for me…

What are your tricks for mastering the temps?

15 responses to “Spring Fever & Cold Snaps

  1. I tend to overdress in the winter – I know you’re supposed to feel pretty cold when you first step outside for a winter time run, but I hate being cold so I usually have one too many layers on than most would. Most of the time I’m not too hot once I get moving, but now and then I regret that extra layer!

  2. I’ve totally used that tool before. I can usually often just wing it, but for my race this past weekend, I brought a ton of clothes to make sure I had all my bases covered.

  3. Love this handy-dandy guide! I always check the temp and then dress as if it was 15 higher. It seems to work well for me….that and layers. If I getto hot I will tie my jacket around my waste or hold onto my gloves.

  4. I love this little chart..it’s so helpful! It’s tough to know exactly what to wear for runs or even everyday wear when it’s not warm enough for shorts sleeves, but too hot for pants!

    Normally, I add 10 degrees to the temperature and dress accordingly.

  5. Even after 3+ months of temps staying within pretty similar ranges week to week, I still don’t dress appropriately every time! If it’s been a week or two since I’ve run in “39*”, I overdress horribly. If it’s been too long since I’ve seen 45, I under-dress thinking “so warm!”.

    Once it’s above 50, I’m usually sure that i’ll survive in shorts + a tee, and if its under 40 I need pants. That’s all I’ve got. 😉

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