Giving Things Up For Lent: Not So Fast

Did you celebrate Fat Tuesday? I sure as sugar did. I love a good random weeknight carb-fest!

Many of you might be preparing for Lent and have plans to give up certain types of luxuries or food. Even those that are not “religious” often take part. If you are going to be giving something up, may I offer some advice…

At the beginning of the month I gave myself a 29 Day Challenge to cut carbs, nix sugar, and get a jump on my morning workouts. I happily report that the carbs and morning workouts were not an issue, but the sugar certainly was. I’m OK with admitting I fell completely off the wagon. The wagon rolled right over me. Forgoing sweets sent my body into shock. I ended up going through an entire Cadbury candy bag quicker than you can say, “Woah, there Easter bunny!” I decided after my chocolate shame to go for more of an “in moderation” route, treating myself on the weekends, and this seems to be working out.

When giving up one thing you might replace it immediately with something else – be wise about the choices you make. Moderation is key in keeping Lent in perspective.

On what I might give up for Lent – give me back my chocolate – I could take a break from some of my social media habits. There’s something to rejoice about.

Are you going to partake in Lent? If so, what are you considering giving up?


15 responses to “Giving Things Up For Lent: Not So Fast

  1. I was actually just thinking about this. I was thinking about giving up sushi but then realized fish is where I get most of my protein since I am a “pescetarian”. Maybe I will give up candy? I need to decide by the end of the day!

  2. I haven’t celebrated Fat Tuesdays since I was a fatty living in DC. I’ll participate in Lent, still have not decided what I am going to give up. Maybe booze?

  3. I started tracking what I was eating when training started to make sure I was eating enough/balanced/etc. And I knew I liked sugar, but never realized to what extent! I give you props just for attempting it!

    Not sure if I’m giving up anything for lent yet. That or “taking on” something new and good. I’ll be thinking about it all day…

  4. I am happy to read this, because so many people do declare they are giving up one thing only to fulfill it with another. Social media would be tough! I am not a practicing Catholic, so I am not sure if I will give up anything.

  5. Not taking part in Lent. It’s not something I’ve ever really done. Personally, if there is something that I need to remove from my life I should just do it and not base it on a religious calendar. Thought, coincidentally last year around March I decided to give up sugar and did great until I went to my mom’s house on Easter and ate an entire bowl of candy 🙂

  6. Ah, the “all or nothing” attitude never does us any favors. Most of us learn it the hard way, and we have to learn it for ourselves. Enjoy those cadbury treats on the weekend, if that’s what works for you 😉

    I have a piece of dark chocolate – or something that incorporates it – almost every night. It’s totally my vice, and no I don’t “need” it but damn it’s gooood.

    Not a Lent-sacrificer, but I can certainly get on the “less online-social, more in-lreal-ife-social” wagon.

  7. No soda and candy for me. And boy oh boy, did I celebrate Fat Tuesday. In fact, I put the FAT in Tuesday. It was fun and yummy, but now I am ready to test what I am made of…

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