Zozi Guru Program – Live Life Like The Pros

Looking for a running partner? Partnering with professional ultra-marathoner Dean Karnazes might get you to run harder, or at least a few more miles.

There’s now a company that is making this possible. Earlier this year the adventure/travel-bargain website zozi.com expanded it’s portfolio with help from some pros. This San Francisco-based co. recently launched the zozi Guru Experiences Program, where professional athletes and personalities conduct unique adventures for small groups.

Running not your thing? Maybe hitting the slopes with Johnny Moseley is more your style.

Look forward to exclusive experiences with zozi Gurus that will take you backcountry cat skiing through the Sierra Nevadas mountains with Jonny Moseley, going for the trail run of a lifetime with ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes, embarking on an overnight safari with wildlife expert Mireya Mayor, and more.

“Adventure isn’t limited to just ripping down moguls, riding big waves, or scaling the world’s highest summits,” Moseley said in a press release. “It’s an attitude everyone can have – a mindset that begins with that first step into something unknown.”

Too bad the giving season has come and gone. The packages can run from $1,000 – $10K+ depending on your guru. Regardless of the sticker price it is great to have a company helping people live out their dream. The experience might only last a few hours, but what you are walking away with is a life lesson and a new respect for your passion.

Singing lessons from Justin Timberlake? Yoga with Jennifer Anniston? Who would be your celeb dream guru?


9 responses to “Zozi Guru Program – Live Life Like The Pros

  1. Running lessons would be awesome!! too bad the price tag is ugly!!
    I hope you’re having a great week, and thank you for all your words of advice/encouragement!

  2. Obviously I’d jump right on the Dean K thing (um…literally…? Swoon.)! His book motivated many, many miles during every training cycle.

    I’d also go for a bike ride with Cavendish – I know he’s kind of an “arse”, but I think he’s hilarious. 😉

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