Valentine’s Day Love Letter

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope everyone has something special planned – even if it’s a hot date with the gym or sofa.

I’d like to celebrate this day of love by declaring my passion for something very close to my heart.

Dear Running,
It seems like we’ve known each other our whole lives. When we first met we had an instant chemistry, but it took me awhile to really open up to you. You know my deepest thoughts and you let me tell you anything that’s on my mind. You listen without judgment. You take away the negative noise that whirls around me and help me stay focused and driven.

You challenge me to be better on my worst days and give my all on my best days. You’ve shown me I can go farther than I think.

Our relationship has inspired others and I couldn’t be more proud of how we continue to grow more in love as time goes by.

Your love is a drug.

Here’s to many more years of being grossly in love!

How are you showing your love to someone today?

10 responses to “Valentine’s Day Love Letter

  1. Ohhh yes, the running love is a total drug, I dig it 🙂

    Happy valentine’s day, love! I’ll be spending it cooking a cozy dinner for two, drinking a good glass of wine or two and enjoying the company of my husband 🙂

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