February Challenge: Short & Sweet

Dear February,

You’re short, but that is why I like you. In fact, I like you so much that I thought you would be the perfect month to give myself a 29-Day Challenge. Thanks for throwing in that extra day.

As a recently appointed Fitfluential Ambassador (whoop!) I needed to step it up a bit. Shake off those winter blues and get ready for spring. This month, it’s simple really, I want to give myself something that pushes me, but doesn’t push me over the edge.

February Fit Goals
Cut the carbs: I’m talking to you Mr Potato Head. Seeing as though quitting
cold turkey is plain cruel, I’ll work on only treating myself once this month.

Au Revior chocolate: In France, the Swiss Miss bus hit me head on. I could
have turned into Augustus Gloop. Everyone take your seats, I’m going to
attempt to only have sweets on Valentine’s Day. I think I just heard a few
screams. Valentine’s is going to be a real choco bender people, but I clearly
have enough stored up from my chocolate getaway to get me through.

Early bird gets the worm, then coffee: I am getting back into my early morning
workout routine full-on. The days I miss a good morning workout is like someone sucked out all my brains and energy.

There you have it. On the interweb, where all truths live, mwahaha. Short, not so sweet, goals.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon on how all this goes.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s sweet?


27 responses to “February Challenge: Short & Sweet

  1. Yay for goal setting! I think it’s about time that I re-evaluate some of my food choices as of late. BUT, if I could get some Valentine treats in first….I love anything with chocolate + coconut. That is the way to my heart!

  2. Girl, you have way more willpower than me – I *love* a little something sweet after dinner. Nothing giant or crazy, just a dove chocolate promise will do! I give you major credit for the no carbs/no sweets thing – rock on sista!

    PS. I love the AM workouts, glad you’re getting back into them!

  3. My goal is to cut out the Saturated Fat. ( which means anything tasty). Just read where we should have less than 7% saturated fat in our daily calories.

  4. Chocolate is my favorite treat! 🙂 Good luck on your goals for February. Since it’s short, I’m sure you’ll succeed. I feel ya on the morning workouts. It’s tough to get going, but you do… You never regret it. In fact, I noticed that I kick myself in the butt for sleeping in.

    Hope you had a great trip.

  5. Hahah, oh man, an Augustus Gloop flashback is not ideal for a post-dinner read.

    Cutting out carbs, entirely?! Your Dietitian might need a word…. 😉

  6. I just posted something similar yesterday about my February and getting back on track this month. Boy I have been slacking. Good luck with your February goals.

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  8. You are def fitfluential! Welcome to the group!

    I’m doing something similar for Feb. I’m doing the no gluten, no dairy thing for the month (well I’m having dairy in my coffee). I figure a short month is a good one for these types of challenges.

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