Monday Motivation

Our European ski holiday in Chamonix, France was spectacular. A picturesque ski village tucked in the Alps. The sheer grandeur of the mountains was unlike anything I have ever seen. I’ll share more deets later, but unfortunately it’s back to the grind.

Ah, that good burn. We’ve all had that tired feeling a day or so after a hard workout, where you are sore and proud of your pain all at the same time. After returning from skiing for three days, I’m shattered in the best way possible.

For this week, you can go hard or you can go home. Ain’t that right JLo? Maybe consolidate two workouts into one intense session. Focus on pushing yourself to your max, and hit the brink of being a little uncomfortable. Mind over matter. Get in one hard workout this week and push it to the limit. Realize the discomfort and drive on through.

Speaking of push — push ups or pull ups?


4 responses to “Monday Motivation

  1. Ohhh I like this. I was just thinking to myself that my run this morning didn’t feel as hard as it could’ve been. I think when I run intervals on Wednesday, I’ll really push into that uncomfortable zone, thank you for that reminder!!

    PS. your ski weekend sounds amazing!!

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