Naked Running: Hear Me Out

It’s not what you think. OK maybe it is. I’ve been doing something for a few weeks without even knowing it.

I’ve been naked…Well my ears have.

Back in December I was tired of running to the same music and when I was home in Atlanta for Christmas I ran with my mom and ended up talking or running without my music out of convenience. Fast forward to today.

Running sans earbuds has been amazing. At first I missed having Kayne or Foster the People sing me up a hill, but then I realized how clear my thoughts had become and how focused I was on running well. Now I bolt out the door without panicking that I forgot my iPod.

During my workouts I don’t fumble to skip through a song and I’m more in-tune with myself. Are you getting enough of these puns?

You should give running with yourself a try. With spring around the corner there will be plenty of birds and bees buzzing to keep you entertained.

You with me or are you a more of a “please don’t stop the music” kind of workout enthusiast?


17 responses to “Naked Running: Hear Me Out

  1. It depends on my mood. For the last few weeks I have been running sans headphones. I agree with you on how much more intune you are with your body without the distraction of music. Last night I was feeling super unmotivated to run so I dusted off my iPod and put on my shoes. I do not think that I would have ran as well as I did without my tunes. The weather was awful (wind, hail, all around yuck!) and my music helped distract me from that. I think that there are times to rock out and times to shut off the music and just run!

  2. I just posted this morning about how pro-music I am BUT I do agree with you in that it does allow you time to think clearly. And it’s funny that you said that about fumbling through songs because I am the worst for skipping songs until I find the one I’m looking for. You have inspired me to go without the iPod one day this week – maybe an easy run day. Thanks for sharing and happy Tuesday!

  3. Norak needs her music. It keeps me moving and I love singing along and nobody can hear me. My 6 am running partner just started running with her music today. I can leave the music at home when I run with you cause you keep me entertained.

  4. Two cheers for naked running! Whatever form it may be – it’s gotta be freeing, right? 😉

    I haven’t run with music in a long time – 4-5 months, at least. Once i get used to running with a friend, or group, even on occasion, I instantly revert back to not needing or wanting music. I would never put in the earbuds while I’m running WITH someone else, and therefore I get in the habit of not having it, or missing it. It’s even better when I’m solo, because like you said, you’re that much more in tune with your surroundings, thoughts & motions. That whole “running keeps you sane” thing..

  5. It depends. If I’m on a treadmill I must have music or TV to keep me from dying. If I’m outside and motivation is nowhere to be found, I run with music. If I’m running with people or I’m feeling good, no music.

  6. I learned how to run without music when it started to get too dark in the morning to be fully aware of my surroundings. Now, I typically only listen to music on my long runs or if I need to get pumped up!

  7. Ahhh so glad you are loving the naked running!! I am a HUGE HUGE fan as you know and love it when ANY of my bloggy friends finally see the light. Naked running rocks 🙂 hehe

  8. YAY for no iPod!!!
    I swore off my iPod when I found out that elite runner’s couldn’t wear headphones…even though I’m not elite, I thought maybe I could be. That first run without the “annoyance” was AMAZING and I’ve never looked back. My first race without my iPod was a marathon…I was nervous because I thought I wouldn’t be able to power throughout the race without beats. But I was SO CONNECTED to my running, and to the crowd I was able to really race. Going to spin class is a special treat because of the bumpin beats! 🙂

  9. I’ve never run without my music/treadmill TV and to be honest, I’m a little terrified to go without. I’m really worried that I’ll get too bored and won’t be able to finish.

  10. I think it depends on my day. There’s some days that I’m tired and music helps me get through. And then there’s days that I’m high on life and I don’t need music. 🙂 Oh, and distance also matters. If it’s a longer run, I need the music in the last few miles so I don’t think about giving up. LOL

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