Friday Five

This week went by way to quick. Blinked and it was Friday — not that I’m complaining. What’s on my Friday Five this week? Oh, have I got some goodies for y’all!

1. I’M LISTENING TO: Tracy Chapman, Fast Car. Yep, we hopped in the way back machine for this radio gem. This song reminds me of a certain fave person and every time I hear it I want to start jumping. It’s a great running song as well, I promise!

2. I’M READING: The truth? Sermon notes from a church back home. I won’t get all preachy on you, but I believe everyone should keep their foundation strong.

3. I’M LUSTING AFTER: TOMS Ballet Flats. Be still my heart. Does it get any more comfortable? Does cupid deliver?

4. I’M WISHING: That everyone would calm down about Paula Deen’s diabetes announcement and learn the facts. Educate yourself before your wreck yourself.

5. I’M (already) DROOLING OVER: Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs. Plus side, you don’t feel as guilty eating a few smaller eggs. Down side, you end up eating too mini many and you might as well should have gone for the whole egg.

What’s one of your favorite old school songs?


17 responses to “Friday Five

  1. 1. Fast Car is so good. My friend and I are obsessed with it.
    2. Love it. Be proud of that.
    3. I would wear ballet flats every single day if I could. I’m wearing them right now.
    4. Agreed.
    5. I prefer the mini cadbury eggs that are just chocolate. I’m obsessed with those.

  2. 1. I still have I’m Sexy and I Know it stuck in my head, so I guess that counts.
    2. Reading “North of the DMZ: Essays on daily life in North Korea” and “Mother Tongue”
    3. Ditto on the TOMS ballet flats.
    4. The Paula Deen thing just makes me sad because its another example of “You have a problem? Take a pill!”
    5. Drooling over my new highlighter pink Kinvaras 🙂

  3. Thanks for the Paula Deen link! I have been a bit off the grid this week and was wondering what the hoopla was.

    We actually have a few people in our fam who have Type 2 and won’t talk about it at all. We have no idea how severe it is. So bizarre.

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