This Winter Season: Don’t Be S.A.D.

Does cloudy, cool weather make you sad? Or does it make you SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a serious condition that can cause depression and other issues if left untreated.

Most people experience SAD during the fall and winter months when days are shorter and there is less light. via WebMD

How can you beat these winter blues? Here are a few tips to brighten your day:
Let there be light. Assuming you can’t afford light therapy, the next best thing is to get out as often as possible. Many of you are leaving when the sun comes up and coming home when it’s already down again. Try to find rooms with windows or take a quick trip around the block every couple of hours. Fresh air and sunlight will do wonders for your health and esteem.
Move it. Regular exercise has been found to reduce symptoms of moderate, nonseasonal depression. Yes, another reason to move that body of yours.
Taste the rainbow. Be sure you are eating foods high in vitamins B6, B12 and D. Boost that low level of serotonin. You can also find these vitamins in fish, meat, chicken, cheese, milk, eggs and fortified cereals.

How do you brighten your mood?


12 responses to “This Winter Season: Don’t Be S.A.D.

  1. Good advice! I should probably try the above when the winter sunday blues kick in. What keeps me going now is knowing each day is getting longer and longer by 1 min. It isn’t dark at 4:45 anymore!

  2. Tasting the rainbow will never fail ya! A good tip for any situation. 🙂

    SAD has made its rounds here – mostly during years/winters in college, a la Pennsylvania. Oof – and I realize how much my upbringing in NM has spoiled me. But luckily the long, dark months don’t last too long here in DC! And we get a few warm, spring-like days in the mix. Color us lucky, and I’ll take it.

  3. Great advice! I try to beat the winter blues by making some green smoothies. The green color sure brighten up my days and the nutrition is great too. 🙂

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