Monday Motivation

This Monday’s motivation: partner up.

Over the holiday break I had the pleasure of having my mom, Norak, as my running buddy. This 50+ year-old was a great match for me. Nice pace and we were knocking out 5 – 8 milers each time. I always thought I was the “solo runner” type but my mom really showed me it’s OK to partner up. In fact, as much as I claim to be an independent workout enthusiast, I realize that the hus and I workout almost every day together. I typically knock out a morning run by myself but pair up in the evening for the gym. My favorite weekend “workout” is when we load up the car and head off for a hike. Sometimes having someone to talk to or hold you accountable makes working out go by incredibly fast and easy.

This week I challenge you to find a workout partner. It could be going to a class with a pal or simply going on a short walk. I think you may like the addition to your routine.

And how about some inspiration to get outdoors, brought to you by Dr Indiana Jones (my most favorite little partner).

If you had to pick a celebrity to “buddy up” with on workouts, who would it be and why? You know, Ryan Gosling has been working out a lot lately, mmmm.


20 responses to “Monday Motivation

  1. I always claim to be a solo runner, too. But I noticed over the summer it was fun to have someone along with me on occasion. Also, in the gym, my friend Mon and I would go together when we lived next to each other. Not really to do the same things, but just to have someone “there” as the extra little kick in the butt.

    I’d want to have Jessica Alba as a workout partner. Or more so as someone who I could just copy her moves…

  2. Love the pic!

    I’m gonna attempt this next week when I make my first work related trip to Cali. Partnering up with a blog friend or two while I’m out there for a barre class or a run. Should be fun and will keep me from holing up in my hotel room the whole week!

  3. I love working out with someone else too. Once my boyfriend and I jog together and it was so much better than jogging by myself. I would want ryan gosling as my workout partner too. 😉

  4. I miss both my workout partners. You and Mr Jones. Great picture wish I was hiking with you.
    So thankful for my early morning neigbor to go on my 6am runs. If I knew she wasn’t waiting on me at the top of the hill, I would not get up so early.

  5. I have been running with my run group lately and it has been very enjoyable! The miles fly by!

    If I could work out with one celebrity I would love to go for a run with Reece Witherspoon. She seems so laid back and I would love to get some dirt on all of her hot co-stars:-)

  6. I used to run solo until we got our dog, now she runs with me every day! On the other hand, I recently met two ladies who I pair up with once a week. It really makes a big difference having someone to talk to 🙂

  7. Love the photo!
    I used to workout with my dad sometimes when I was a bit younger and I’ve got a good friend to go to the gym with at uni. She’s fitter than me so, like Molly said, it pushes me to try really hard!

  8. Dr. Jones!! He already looks English.

    SImple fact: I would Not get up in the morning and run before 6 a.m. if I weren’t meeting Kate. Partner up, INDEED.

    Any running groups in the UK? What’s the scene like over there?

  9. That is an awesome picture! I actually hate having a workout partner, I don’t know, just never felt I needed one and they always seem to either slow me down or frustrate me. Maybe it is me! I’d like to get a run training session in with Kara Goucher.

  10. I really want to workout with Kelly Ripa. I just think she’s so fun and spunky! Plus she’s really dedicated to her workouts and I’m sure she’d be an inspiration to workout with.

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