Try This, Not That in 2012

Who’s feeling up for change? Over the holiday break the hus and I recommitted ourselves to cooking new recipes. We adore cooking and although I’m more of a baker, I can handle my own in the kitchen. We’ve agreed to try at least one new recipe a week. This should lead us to adding more staple meals in our weekly rotation.

Thinking about all the tasty new recipes we’re trying out got me thinking about the unhealthy items in our kitchen that we have swapped for more sensible choices. These choices have come gradually, nothing too drastic, but comparing some of the nutritional labels may shock you.

We swapped this for that:
Mission White Corn Tortillas for Mission Flour Tortillas Soft Taco Size
Kellogg’s Smart Start for Kellogg’s Raisin Bran
Peanut Butter Puffins for any sweet cereal
Homemade Overnight Oats for Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Natural Peanut or Almond Butter for Jif Crunchy
Natural preserves for Jelly
Greek Yogurt for Sweet or Flavored Yogurt
Hummus for Dips

And if you haven’t switched these out yet, go forth immediately and do so!
Anything grilled to fried
Whole Milk to Skim/Soy/Almond Milk
White Bread to Wheat Bread
Soda to Fruit Juice/Tea
Rich Salad Dressing to Vinaigrette
Vegetable Oil to Olive Oil
Original Chips to Baked Chips
Crackers to Triscuits or Rivita Thins

When it comes to things like real Mayonnaise and Ketchup I just cannot find a substitute, and I refuse to go the less sugar or low fat route on items. It’s OK to hold on to a few of your absolute must-haves.

If you need more ideas or tips, head over to Men’s Health Eat This Not That section. You can also see how your favorite brands stack up.

What is a food you have swapped out? Any food you are not willing to swap?


19 responses to “Try This, Not That in 2012

  1. I think a lot of people would be surprised that corn tortillas are the better choice compared to flour. It’s a whole grain and high in fiber while saving on fat and calories. Great list!

  2. I finally got my husband to switch to all natural PB with me – he swore it would taste too “peanutty” for him but now that I’ve swapped it on him, he admitted it’s not so bad afterall. I tasted the “fake” pb recently and was SO surprised at how sweet it now tastes to me! Crazy how tastebuds adjust!

  3. I love the ‘eat this, not that’! I read the articles that are published online, haven’t glanced at their books though. But some of the things that I find out from Men’s Health really grosses me out. =D

  4. Great swaps! I’ve swapped more fruits for veggies (though not nearly all of ’em – love fruit!), and I’ve swapped Greek plain yogurt for regular. I’d swap to almond milk too if the hubs would go for it.

  5. Great swaps! I am willing to swap chips for a side salad. I really need to eat more veggies. But I’m not willing to swap ice cream. 😉

  6. I sub applesauce in for oil and almond milk in for regular milk. One non-negotiable item for me: ranch. Low-fat or fat-free ranch is just not the same. If it’s not made with buttermilk, it won’t be found in my fridge!

  7. I am beaming – look at you! 🙂 Your list of swaps pretty much defines what you’d see in my pantry/fridge – I have everything on that list currently in stock (except the peanut butter puffins, which I assure you I will be in love with).

    On a side note, did you mean “Fried to grilled” (instead of vice versa)? 🙂

    Keep the health tips comin’!

  8. Good list! I love reading those Eat This Not That books – they are so helpful and illuminating.
    I mostly eat wheat bread and brown rice instead of white. and no more soda, only water or 100% fruit juice.

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