What Am I Running To? Weekly Playlist Must-Haves: The Holiday Edition

Hi sweets! How is everyone’s week? Hope you are continuing to enjoy every ounce of holiday cheer.

It’s time to turn up the holiday tunes! I know running to Christmas music might seem crazy, but I quite enjoy the sound of sleigh bells — it makes me feel like a flying Santa.

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Jingles:
Mariah Carey: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). I’m coming Georgia!

Elvis Presley: Here Comes Santa Claus. Hunka hunka burning love for this song. Plus it’s an epic scene from Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Lady Gaga: Christmas Tree. This is an actual beat you can deck the halls streets to.

Michael Buble: Cold December Night. I wouldn’t be sad if he ended up under my Christmas tree.

Coldplay: Christmas Lights Your cool down song. Take your feet to Oxford Street.

David Bowie and Bing’s Little Drummer Boy is one of my fave Christmas songs, but you have to check out the Will Ferrell spoof on this classic video. The end is the best part:

What’s one of your all time favorite Christmas songs? Any new faves this season? If you say Justin Bieber, Santa will put you on the naughty list.


8 responses to “What Am I Running To? Weekly Playlist Must-Haves: The Holiday Edition

  1. Um, what are you talking about, I love Justin Bieber.

    haha, Um no. 😉

    Mariah Carey has the best Christmas songs if you ask me – or transiberian orchestra, LOVE their stuff!

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