Running Holiday Wish List

Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good this year. I mean real good.

Holiday Wish List: Live For The Run

OK, so I need another pair of shoes like I need a hole in my head. If I were a rich running gal, I’d buy two of everything. Tis the season. And Heather, Polyvore is all your fault.

What is on your wish list?


12 responses to “Running Holiday Wish List

  1. That Lululemon long sleeve is awesome. I am going to Vermont the first week in January and I am picturing myself with a nice hot cup of tea wearing that shirt haha.

    • Haha, Linds, this cracked me up. Good to know you can stay stocked up on the luon while you’re in Kiwi land! 😉

  2. i really wanted a Garmin, but I ended up buying myself one a few weeks back. Hey, what is the point of shopping for others if you can’t also buy yourself something.

  3. Happy to contribute to interweb obsessions! 😉 Is there a reason those tights have an extra big green arrow by them?? Can we have 3 pairs? Please, Santa!

  4. Mk…I’m in love with those Nikes. I seriously have a Nike addiction. I need therapy.
    And the Lululemon long sleeve is amazing. That store is sooo dangerous. 🙂

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