Dear Holiday Cookies: Going for a quick walk, be right back!

I have some news you can use this holiday. A recent University study showed that taking short walks, we are talking 15-minutes, can cut snacking on chocolate at work by half.

The study showed that, even in stressful situations, workers eat only half as much chocolate as they normally would after this short burst of physical activity.

I like to call this, applied science. Let’s “apply” this theory to holiday cookies and sweets. I will be baking up a storm this season and even if you are more on the receiving end of baking we can all do a little moving around before we indulge in seasonal treats. A brisk walk will release your bodies happy endorphins. Get in a simple stroll to perk you up and raise your holiday spirits.

I now have a game plan for holiday parties!

What’s your favorite holiday cookie? Any other tips to burn off those gingerbread men?


13 responses to “Dear Holiday Cookies: Going for a quick walk, be right back!

  1. I love those peanut butter kiss things. They sometimes show up at family events and I mob on them! ha ha

    I don’t really have any specific holiday cookies that I go nuts over, but it’s fun to bake at this time bc I always bring out a new recipe or two I’ve been dying to try…

  2. It always surprises me how my co-workers become absolute VULTURES the second someone leaves holiday candy in the common area or a batch of cookies or whatever. It’s like FREE FOOD MUST EAT mentality. I highly doubt that they’re even hungry when they grab a cookie or a candy bar, but the fact that it’s sitting there for “free” makes them automatically grab for it, they aren’t even listening to hunger cues. Same with cake for someone’s birthday in the office, etc.

    I love the idea of going for a walk while baking, the endorphins are a great way to keep absent-minded snacking at bay!

    PS. my fave holiday cookie: homemade sugar cookie with my mother-in-law’s frosting recipe and sprinkles on top! YUM!

    • I think it’s called hoarding, haha. We had a lady with a candy dish by her desk, the excuses people would make up to stop by!

      Homemade sugar cookies when you have mastered the recipe are unreal!

  3. Hmmmm….very interesting study! I will grab my walking shoes! I am one of those bakers who hate to eat what I make. After putting in all the work, the treat often loses it’s appeal. But my favorite?! My husbands homemade biscotti is TO DIE FOR!

  4. short, sweet and to the point! Walk it out.

    We take walk breaks at work every day – unless it’s raining, or snowing (I assume…hasn’t hit that point yet) – and it makes such a big difference. We all get some fresh air, talk about something other than work, and get some blood flowing. We also take “Tabada” breaks – which totally kick my ass.

  5. This is really interesting to read, and I can totally relate it to my own experience. If I sit around all day, I feel like eating everything in sight, but if I do a little exercise I’m suddenly a lot less likely to pick at food I don’t really need. Great post!

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