Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners: Intermediate & Advanced Enthusiasts

Last week we looked at the best gift ideas for runners starting with the newbies, and this week I’m sharing the gifts for the more advanced runner in your life.

“If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.” ― John Bingham

Garmin Forerunner: Looking to be more effective when conditioning? Garmin Forerunner is by far the best investment I have ever made. I have an older model but the 305 and 405 series are fantastic. With Garmin, no more guessing your time or pace. Garmin has helped me train and improve my pace, time and time again. If you have thought about getting one of these, now is the time. Buy one.
Running Socks: In a battle of which came first, the sock or the shoe, it’s a tough debate. Runner’s feet can take a serious beating and it’s important your socks protect your tootsies. Thorlo makes a terrific compression sock to keep your feet dry and blister free. Be mindful that you will want a different sock for the winter and summer months.
Hydration Belt: If you have plans of running more than 6 miles then you know staying hydrated is critical for your performance. Unless your friends are willing to set up water stations for you, a FuelBelt is ideal for not weighing you down on your run. Personally, I like minimalist fuel belts; nothing on my back or in my hands.
Yankz: No more stopping mid-race to tie a shoe. The Yankz Sure Lace system is made of expandable cords which fit to your foot and don’t move during your runs. I put in Yankz once before a race and never had to tie my shoe again, until I bought a new pair.
Nike Element Half Zip: The elements are tricky and having this hoodie in your arsenal is a good way to make sure you don’t miss out on any fair weather runs. When I am not sure about the temp, I can typically run in this top with a sports bra underneath. Lightweight and comfy, not too toasty.

What other running goodies are on your list?


24 responses to “Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners: Intermediate & Advanced Enthusiasts

  1. Garmin Garmin GARMIN. As long as you aren’t prone to becoming a numbers/stats-obsesser (i.e. “My garmin’s not working = I can’t run!” No, no. That’s not how this should go down.), it is a must have. It’s also a must-know that they are a guide, not the end-all-be-all.

    Um, anyway. I love my Garmin, too.

    The winter gear is a must! Staying warm, but not hot; comfy, but not too sweaty is pretty key to actually enjoying the winter running season. It’s possible, without hypothermia. 🙂 The Nike gear never fails.

  2. The only thing I want and need (two things really): a running jacket to keep the wind away in the winter and a pair of lulu winter running tights. I have a pair from Under Armour but am lusting after a pair from Lulu. Just LOVE their stuff!! I’ve been good this year right? Santa ought to listen to my request, I say 😉

  3. Completely agree on the socks. They seem not as important because they don’t cost as much as shoes but the combo of bad socks + the right shoes can be painful.

    Arm warmers are another must-have for me. I have more running tees than anything else so arm warmers are a great add-on for fall/spring running. It’s a lot easier to just roll them down rather than trying to shed an extra shirt mid-run.

  4. I just bought the Nike Element half-zip and I LOVE it….keeps me warm and cozy. I am also hoping that Santa brings me some more running socks. Socks are very underrated! So important for long runs!
    Warm running tights are also on my list. I agree with Jess! Santa oughta listen:-)

  5. Hi, I just found your blog and I like! =)

    You have a great list going! I’ve been wanting a Garmin, hopefully I’ll get one for Christmas. =) I love the Thorlo running socks. They’re my favorite. I would also add warm running tights to the list. Oh, and a spibelt. They’re awesome and you can fit things like energy gels and what not and you barely notice the belt.

  6. True story – I can’t figure out my Yankz. The husband put them in a pair of shoes for me, but they won’t stay connects and I’m not qualified to handle the situation. That pair of shoes has been retired. The Yankz still held the shoe pretty well, despite severe user error.

    • True story, I can relate. My mom hated hers. She refused to wear them. My hubs put them in my shoes, but they have a great video online that might help you:) I am so uncoordinated with that stuff.

  7. Those socks sounds awesome! I hate when I get blister in my foot when I run or something. Those socks would be perfect for me. The Garmin would be nice too. 😉

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