Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners: Let’s Start With the Newbies

Happy holidays! With only 24 more shopping days til Christmas it’s time to talk gift giving. I am going to breakdown the best gift ideas for runners starting with the newbies, and each week leading up to Christmas I’ll share gifts for advanced runners and multi-sport athletes. We’ll make sure your list covers the range of runners and athletes in your life.

Thinking about running? Just started running? We welcome you to the running community with open feet arms. If you have a pair of “good” sneakers you are set, but let’s make sure you are starting off on the right foot.

Gift certificate to a speciality running store: Showing a newbie a speciality running store should wet their athletic appetite. This is not a Dick’s or Sports Authority. Introduce a newbie to a custom shoe demo to pick out the perfect pair of kicks. It’s important that everyone starts running with the right shoe.
Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve: Running is always fun when you look the part. Get rid of the cotton tees! Look for fabrics that are moisture wicking and breathable. This toasty top is great for the winter and spring seasons. Lululemon products have such a unique fit that you will certainly feel the difference while working out. I have been eyeing this for over a year, and it just might make my Christmas wish list as well.
iPod Shuffle: Time to ditch a bulky music device, even if you’re running with your iPhone on an armband pouch. This tiny MP3 will not distract you during your run. Allowing you to move freely to your favorite tunes.
Running Books: It’s always helpful for someone to read up about the ins and outs of being a successful runner. I personally have read and enjoy Chris Carmichael’s Food for Fitness and Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running by Dagny Scott Barrios. Best advice often comes from the pros.
Watch Out: You are looking for a watch that is water-resistant, has a stopwatch, and an electroluminescent backlight. No need for anything fancy, but grab a sports watch such as this one from Timex to help keep track of your time. If you are serious about becoming dedicated to running then I would absolutely invest in a Garmin Forerunner.

When my mom started running, I learned a few tricks on how to break beginners into running slowly. Those that have been running for a bit know we take some things for granted, but everyone is a runner no matter how many steps they have taken. Don’t wait to feel motivated, get started and your motivation will come.

What other running must haves would you include?


19 responses to “Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners: Let’s Start With the Newbies

  1. I soooo want that lululemon top!! I have a bunch of tech shirts from various races I’ve run that work (but aren’t nearly as cute!) and my favorite running top for winter is from Under Armour buuuut nothing beats lulu, seriously. If I won the megabucks, I’d buy a lululemon store all for me haha

  2. Mmhm girlfriend, you just created something I’d print out and drool over as a newbie 😉

    I have two of those lulu tops and they are worth every penny!

  3. I actually bought my friend a Reebok base layer because every time I visit her and wear it, she compliments it. Her favorite part, the reason I searched high and low for something similar, was the little pocket on the side of the arm that fits keys or a small ipod because she prefers doing most of her workouts outdoors and Reebok seems to have the biggest selection of them.

  4. Don’t forget the socks. First get the shoes but don’t forget the Thorlos socks. I love them. And SantaI got the hint on the lululemon top..

  5. Definitely agree on the iPod Shuffle. I used to run with my classic and it annoyed the bejeezus out of me. My husband bought me a shuffle last Christmas and my life hasn’t been the same since.

  6. Love the gift list. I want a long-sleeved shirt with thumb holes. I’m obsessed with them and feel that I must have one LOL. I have a Polar HR monitor and really need to invest in something with GPS so I know my distance and pace better. I’ve guessed many times and ended up going farther than I needed to have gone or slower than I thought I was going just because I didn’t have any true way to calculate other than making it up in my head LOL

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