Remember Why You Run & Move

Run, run Santa(s)

November is winding down and seasonal cheer is upon us in December, let’s carry happiness into the holidays.

Holiday parties, cooler weather, shopping lists, family gatherings – December can be a very busy month. In all the hustle and bustle remember to take time for you. Your routine is likely to be thrown off with different schedules and the cool temps might have you skipping out on some of your scheduled workout plans. It’s crucial this time of year to remember why you run, or do any other healthy activity for that matter.

For me, running is my private time to clear my head, brainstorm about the day, and be one with my body. If I don’t get in some type of exercise during the day it can lead to slow pattern of not doing as many workouts, eating the wrong things, etc. This downward spiral is easy to avoid when you have focus on why you want to move.

Show all those holiday shoppers you don’t mind parking a mile away. Wake up on Christmas morning and take the family for a walk after presents. Make a coworker workout with you the morning of your office holiday party.

My mom and I can’t find a local Jingle Jog so we are inventing our own. Staying on target in December makes it that much easier to go into the New Year already ahead of the game.

Why do you move? What keeps you on track during the holidays?

11 responses to “Remember Why You Run & Move

  1. This will be the first time I’m running through the winter / holiday for FUN, not as part of a training cycle. It’ll be nice to wake up on Xmas and do my own thing, but not have that “thing” include double digits 😉

    I bet you and Norak could get a neighborhood JIngle Jog going!

  2. This is a great reminder! It’s definitely hard to stay on track during the holidays..especially with the cold weather, all the delicious, food, and the urge to just snuggle up under the covers all day…or wait, maybe that’s just me.

    Anyways, this year, as you saw on my blog, I’m doing the 20 week holiday challenge. I’m not doing it just to ‘do it’ per se, but rather because I know that I am my best self when I take the time to be active. Hooray!

  3. Running/fitness is my de-stress time. When I spent a few weeks on crutches and then a few other weeks “keeping off the leg”? I was the crankiest person ever. Seriously. I have no idea how I was able to retain friends over those 8 weeks of torture…

  4. I move for the very same reasons – it’s my “me” time and my time to get my head straight on any given day in the week. I can let my thoughts flow while my body does all the work (or most of it, anyway!). I’m big into sticking to routine, ESPECIALLY during times of chaos (like the holidays). Great post, my dear! PS. Love that you and your mom are doing a jingle jog together!!

  5. Haha love that picture. I keep myself motivated by doing a mid december race and I officially signed up for my second Half Marathon at the end of Februrary. I’m also hoping that this blogging thing will keep me motivated to stay healthy as the cold weather and snow quickly approaches.

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