Map My Run

Merry Christmas. It’s official. Warning. I LOVE this time of year and you will end up getting loads of holiday cheer here.

Many of you are recovering from what I hope was a joyful Thanksgiving. The weather during my morning run was absolutely spectacular. Brilliant sunshine. Here in England it is still in the low 50s in the morning, much warmer than back in Atlanta. Odd, I know. I will take it though; it’s a good running temp.

I enjoyed a crisp, cool run. I ran without my headphones, listening to the river and my body in motion. But don’t take my word for it.

Swans, bridges, castles, puppies in the park. Spoil me.

What’s your favorite running or walking path?

10 responses to “Map My Run

  1. You really are spoiled. I mean, those views from your run are breathtaking! I’m so glad you ran without headphones. Sometimes it’s just nice to hear the sound of your breath, the wind, and the air. Other times, don’t get me wrong, I really need blasting tunes, but others, well, it’s just so relaxing to have a peaceful, quiet run.

    My favorite running path is actually pictured in my latest post. It’s a new trail near my house that’s right along side a river. It’s just beautiful.

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving day, I’m SO excited for the Christmas season too! 🙂

  2. Can I hop over the pond and join you for that jaunt?? Amazing. Who needs tunes, or a map, or even a watch?! Stay out there! soak it all in! RUN in another country! Awesome.

  3. what a beautiful running path- I want to run there!
    I really like running the Chicago Lakefront trail- since moving here about six months ago I try to run there at least once a week.

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