This Thanksgiving, Don’t Be A Turkey

Who’s ready for Thanksgiving?! You may have heard, we moved to the England. Since we don’t get a proper holiday, I’m introducing our Brit friends to Thanksgiving on Saturday. I’ll report on how many pilgrims I can stuff into our small European terrace. And the turkey is under negotiation as our oven is teeny tiny. It will not stop our holiday, trust me.

But for those who are getting their Thanksgiving on tomorrow, you have probably seen the numerous headlines about gaining holiday weight and yada yada. I say, put those bits aside because you are intelligent and equipped with the tools to eat mindful during the holidays. I get overwhelmed at all the diet tips that come out this time of year; there is no new advice, the same tips are tweaked for seasonal purposes. I know that some people will be educating themselves for the first time, and I am all for that, but I’m talking to those that understand the only diet principle: you have to burn off more than you put in.

Thinking about how much you are going to eat or should be eating spoils the whole meal. You should be looking forward to savoring your favorite dishes. Throw the counting calorie gar-bage out the window for an hour and eat what tastes good and stop when you’re full. Not science here folks.

Remember the fundamentals on Thanksgiving:
– Make yourself a mini goal to get in some type of exercise. A walk with the family after dinner never hurt anyone.
– Stay properly hydrated. Don’t forget your water in between those sips of festive drinks.
– Don’t overdue it. That turkey isn’t going to walk off and leave you during dinner. Fill your plate and you can always go back for more.

And send me some pumpkin pie. Seriously.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Be thankful for your friends and family, and those two legs that keep you moving. Best wishes to you and yours.

What’s your favorite holiday dish!?

9 responses to “This Thanksgiving, Don’t Be A Turkey

  1. Have a good thanksgiving overseas! 🙂

    I try and remind myself to only eat the “holiday” stuff. That means Turkey, corn casserole, and pecan pie. Yep. Why fill up on chips and dip and things of that nature when I eat them pretty much every other day?

  2. I just found your blog and I’m hooked!

    How exciting that you’re living overseas! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

    Amen to savoring your food and not worrying about the latest diet tips. Thanksgiving means more than that, and it’s not worth worrying and wasting a day away!

    I can’t wait to

  3. EXACTLY! It’s just another meal, seriously. Everyone uses this particular holiday as a reason to eat their faces off “just because” its Thanksgiving. Why not just enjoy the meal like any other meal and spend more time focusing on your friends and family that day? That’s my plan, for sure 🙂

    My fave turkey day treat? My father in laws stuffing!!!

  4. I was JUST talking about this today – yes, there are people that are hearing it for the first time, but … I for one do not like the suggestions for restriction or rules to eat by… ENJOY IT. you don’t need to stuff yourself silly, unless you want to! and then, if you do, ENJOY IT. then get back to normal tomorrow.

    I love the ideas of getting some exercise in, staying hydrated (ooh, yeah!) and don’t overdo – but ENJOY IT. 😉

    Happy Turkey Day!

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