Hi kids! The hus and I are headed to Rome, Italy. I’ll be sure to carb load with pizza and pasta to endure the loads of walking we’ll be doing. And if I go thirsty, vino of course to make sure I am properly fueling for the trip.

But seriously, I have been wanting to go to Italy since I was a munchkin and am thankful the man I married believes is vacations full of romance, history and good food.

Ciao ciao brown cows!

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves in my absence:)


10 responses to “arrivederci

  1. Hah, brown cows….

    I was an architect/art-history major in college for one year, and have since wished I could spend every penny (without care) to travel and become an Ex-pat in Rome. Alas, I live in DC….

    😉 Have fun, kids!! Can’t wait to hear about your trip! TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES. Kthanks.

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