Find Your Pace

How was everyone’s weekend? We had an amazing few days, still enjoying some perfect fall weather. Hold on as long as you can fall!

As I continue my 21 Day Challenge, I actually discovered something that I never learned throughout my training for various races. I have learned to listen to my internal pace.

When training for a race you have a set goal in your mind, but through my everyday, patient, running I’ve learned to listen to my body and look less at the Garmin for guidance.

This natural running ability might be second nature to many but I feel as though I never truly owned my own pace. The best part about finding my own pace is that I have learned to encourage the hus more during his runs. Typically running with the man would be frustrating; I couldn’t keep up and my pace would tank fast. When we went for a run this weekend I kept up for the first few miles, but when he broke from our pace I found myself cheering him on and admiring his strength. Typically if he left me I’d throw invisible air daggers at him, mwahaha.

This might sound like a one-off thing, but I feel much more comfortable and relaxed running. Breaking through my runner’s envy with my hus is a huge accomplishment for me. You can take the “find your own pace” mantra and apply it to other things in life. Sometimes slowing down or speeding up is what you need to create your own natural movement.

No matter if you’re a speed racer or in it for the long haul, it’s essential to take time and find your comfort zone. You’ll exude positivity and get more enjoyment out of whatever it is you are doing.

How do you find or define your own pace?


6 responses to “Find Your Pace

  1. This is AWESOME!! Love the idea of finding your pace and learning to embrace your pace vs. your husband’s pace and silently cheering eachother on. I think that’s so important and something I need to do more of with my husband (who is definitely faster than I am). I also love that you’re feeling happier and more relaxed when you run – you’re totally hitting your running stride with this 21 day challenge!!

  2. I love this post! You have such great insight! I’m really struggling to make peace right now with my own internal pace. I keep getting tripped up on what my “old pace” used to be. Thanks for reminding me that I need to be patient with myself! 🙂

  3. Shoot, you’ve hit many nails on the head, chick! First off, “look less at the Garmin for guidance” <– YES, do this. When I run with Kate, I never look at my watch. I know we're going faster than I would solo – most days I slow her down for the first mile, intentionally holding back a little bit. I only do this because I know she'll kick it up, and I'll go with it – but I want the energy to see it through 🙂

    Plus, oof, keeping up the chatting the whole time….

    My points: 1) sounds like you're kickin' ass with your challenge, yay! 2) when the legs are up for it, you'll kick it in and keep up with that speedster of yours. And it will be sweeeet.

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