Steaming Glad

One of the perks of joining our new gym – a steam room. I have done the relaxing sauna bit but the closest I ever got to a steam room was during my piping hot showers.

After a recent workout I was determined to see what this “steam” was all about. I kept having flashbacks to the Seinfeld steam room episode. “Hey, C’mon! Let’s go! I thought we were going to take a steam!”

I walked in to a wall of steam, no surprise there, but immediately I had to focus on my breathing. If you think the minutes pass slow on a treadmill, in the steam room 10 minutes seemed like forever. I eventually was able to relax and I definitely felt refreshed and relaxed after.

I’ve heard the rumors about steam rooms and weight loss, and the naysayers that think steam rooms don’t do squat. Whatever the debate, I use it to reward myself after a tough workout and flush out the pores. I would not stay longer than 5 – 10 minutes, you want to feel soothed and not dehydrated.

From SELF’s Assistant Beauty Editor Runa Bhattacharya. “Saunas use dry heat, which makes your pores release more sweat, while steam rooms have more moisture in the air, which can help plump up your skin. Steam rooms can also help acne-prone skin by balancing oil production.” You can read more from SELF, “The Steam Room at the Gym: Does It Actually Do Anything?

Side note: I’ll share a full update on my 21 Day Challenge later with you all. In short, it’s going great and I’ve managed to decrease my pace a full minute, without really trying!

Have you ever tried a sauna or steam room? Does it bother you when people talk in them?


7 responses to “Steaming Glad

  1. I LOVE the steam room. I had to build up my tolerance (first visits were just a couple minutes!) because I had a hard time breathing. I love how it feels, it is relaxing and VERY detoxing – helpful in muscle recovery as well as internal detox. plus it just FEELS GOOD! especially this time of year when it is SO cold! 🙂

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