Fall Running Mood Board

Happy Monday sweets! Did everyone do a load of Life Laundry this weekend? Hopefully you managed to get something done on your list and avoided the pink sock in your “whites” load.

Is it too early to start making a Christmas list? Well, my site and my rules. I say let the cooler temps and season change inspire you to bundle up and enjoy the outdoors.

Nike Lightweight Women’s Running Gloves: Below freezing temps require something stronger than the thumb-hole hoodie approach.
Lululemon Take Flight Jacket: Love this jacket, although it’s about as expensive as a roundtrip plane ticket.
Nike Swift Power Women’s Running Tights: Confession, I don’t have full-length running tights. I know?! That is pure insanity. I practically live in my Nike capri tights. I am going to remedy this at once.
180s with Headphones: Sometimes running in a wintery hat can get too toasty, but the good people at 180s have a brilliant solution, pairing their awesome ear warmers with built-in headphones. Meaning, earbuds aren’t uncomfortable during a run.
Charming: What? Runners can be fashionable too. And I love these Etsy finds, classic running shoe and ethos.

Any cool weather must-haves on your early holiday shopping list?


7 responses to “Fall Running Mood Board

  1. i want them all! darn $$ gets in the way. hehe. Actually I just bought some really cool running capris from Under Armor and I am super excited to wear them. YEA!

  2. After running on Saturday and practically freezing my ass off, I definitely need warmer running tights and a running jacket. That and I need to suck it up more when I run outside this winter, no whining allowed hehe

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