Celebrity Trainers Food For Thought

Tell me how to get Jennifer Anniston’s arms and I’m all ears. Tell me how to get a body like Jessica Biel and I’ll start taking notes. Tell me what foods not to eat, OK let’s see what you got.

FitSugar recently polled celebrity trainers and asked them what foods were off limits to them and their client. Warning: “The Foods Celebrity Trainers Won’t Eat” may surprise you. I know many of y’all are healthy munchers, even dietitians, and I’m curious to see what you think.

A peek at the list:
Alcohol. We know, we know…but you should see the pubs by me! mwahaha.
Grapes & Bananas. Claim they will not keep you full and have sugar. I say, it’s still better than reaching for a handful of M&Ms. No offense to the nomnom pretzel ones.
Yogurt. Right?! Many have some nasty additives, however I’m a huge lover of Greek Yogurt. Take time to read the labels.
Gluten. This should spark some conversation. As a runner, unless there is an allergy, I must have my proper carbs like wheat bread.

Do you agree with the trainers? Any foods you think should or should not have made the cut?


9 responses to “Celebrity Trainers Food For Thought

  1. Interesting…

    I’m kind of surprised yogurt showed up on the list. I know a lot of it is heavily processed, but still! I don’t really like yogurt that much (it’s a texture thing), but figured it was a major health food everyone should try and get a little of…

    And processed foods- that was sort of a “hey duh”. Sure, I still eat them, but not as much as I used to…

  2. I firmly disagree with every one of them! (Unless they’re talking sugary, processed yogurt.) I think it’s pretty sad too, because people are going to follow these examples, and it’s just not justified. Grapes and bananas have a lot of good things in them besides sugar, and it’s not added sugar. And the gluten thing- oy vey. So not cool. It’s just the new “carbs are bad” thing, which was stupid to start with.

  3. I limit gluten for my own (proven by me and that’s enough) reasons, AND I completely disagree with that one!! If I were still running races, I would definitely be eating my gluteny carbs! millions of marathoners are NOT wrong! bananas too?! what? even Basil disagrees – bananas provide a lot more than natural and beneficial sugars.

    and alcohol, sure. before the race, anyway. 😉

  4. Ugh. Don’t agree with any of the above! Alcohol: moderation. If you choose to cut it out there, I don’t hate 😉
    Grapes & bananas: probably won’t keep you very full, but yes, WAY better than many alternatives.
    Yogurt: really? Agree with you again: read the labels, yo. Not all of them are full of sugar.
    Gluten: I won’t go there. But yes, if there’s an allergy, by all means…

  5. The only one I can understand is alcohol as it is true that no scientific test has actually found any evidence that it has health benefits which outweigh the negatives. However as everyone else says: everything in moderation.
    The rest is absolute rubbish!
    There is nothing wrong with bananas and grapes, bananas are high in sugars but they will fill you up for a while and they are full of potassium and they’re a fantastic source of vitamin B6.
    Yogurt can be brilliant, greek yogurt is high in protein and full of healthy fats, as humans we do need some fat in our diets, our bodies couldn’t survive without it.
    And lastly gluten… Utterly ridiculous! As someone who has seen a hospital dietitian, I have been told over and over that it is not usually a good idea to cut something out of your diet without good reason (i.e. allergy). All of this “intolerance” stuff is a relatively new and westernized idea, not many people in the developing world complain of them do they…?
    Sorry for the rant 😛 Great post!
    And thanks for commenting on my blog so that I could find yours 🙂

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