What’s My Motivation?

Thank you for all your sweet comments about my crazy 21 Day Challenge. I needed motivation to start running more and I gave myself a healthy dose of a creative challenge. PS – I think it’s really 30 days that makes a habit, but who’s counting?

We all have those days were we find ourselves in a funk. Sometimes you need to reset, do some life laundry and remember what it is you enjoy. On days when I need a Venti Xanax Latte, I think it’s important to find inspiration to keep you moving and motivated.

Take it one day or step at a time. Who knows more about sticking it out than Dean Kamazes (ultra marathoner). Instead of thinking about what’s still in front of you, try to focus on being in the moment and don’t let your mind get ahead of you. Just put one foot in front of the other to the best of your ability, and try not to think about what still lies ahead. Do you best in the next ten feet. Repeat. Take baby steps. Stay in the present.

REmix it up. Too much gym? Make a goal to find something you love outdoors and workout once a week doing that activity. Take something and flip it on its head to make it fun again. Consider deleting all your iPod songs and starting fresh. It was hard letting go, but I love my new jams.

Wordplay. I am a total sucker for quotes or wordart. Pinterest is an amazing way to make a personal motivation board. Warning, it’s addicting. Let me know if you Pinterst, or follow moi! Here I am.

Who needs competition? Be your own.

What keeps that fire in your belly going?

4 responses to “What’s My Motivation?

  1. I’m totally motivated by races and goals, and when I’m not training, I’m just motivated to do something different. Heading to yoga for the second time this week, and I can’t remember the last time I did yoga twice in one week (sad…)! Good stuff 🙂 Tunes are always a good kick, and a new class is top of the list for me, too.

    Now, how’s that challenge feeling, after day 2??

  2. The challenge of pushing myself, mentally and physically to embrace change — that’s what motivates me. That and the thrill of the chase — of that ever-elusive runner’s high. Equally motivating. I find that my motivation changes over time, and will probably change a million times before I die. But that’s the beauty of it too, right?

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