21 Day Challenge: 5 A Day

Welcome to November. I’m goal-oriented, God help me.

Yesterday I went for a run and I was about to wind down when the rain came. For whatever reason I kept running, once you are damp it doesn’t matter. It felt amazing. My mind and body finally decided to click and get along again. I have been talking about my lack of passion for running lately but I swear it hit me hard yesterday.

I thrive on goals, I miss doing races, and to keep my training sharp I’ve signed up for a personal challenge. For the next 21 days my goal is to run 5 miles a day. I hesitate even telling everyone, but it does hold me accountable. That’s 105 miles for those counting at home. Oi.

Why 5? It sounded good, that’s it. Why 21? Some say it takes 21 days to make a habit, and running needs to come back to me. And it’s a new month, what’s life without a healthy challenge now and then?

I honestly have no idea how easy or hard this is going to be, but I tried to make the goal attainable — assuming I can do it because I already workout daily.

The disclaimer: if I start to hurt I will stop, I’m not that crazy. I don’t recommend running daily. There might be days where I run less and sneak in more miles elsewhere. I make no claim to have an itching to be an ultra-marathoner.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” Edmund Hillary

Any November goals you want to set for yourself? What’s one change you think you could stick to daily for a few weeks? Misery loves company, mwhaha.


18 responses to “21 Day Challenge: 5 A Day

  1. Oh damns! That is a solid challenge for sure! Good luck!

    I love running and have started keeping myself to a goal of a certain range of miles per week. However, as much as I love it, I do get bored with it. So there are forced days, even when I wouldn’t mind the treadmill, that I stick to stairs or elliptical or some other form of cardio just to keep it fresh…

  2. YES, do this. I love it. You can manage 5 miles a day and you don’t need any disclaimers to prove otherwise – you’re in shape for it, and if it were 1, 3, or 10, we wouldn’t be here to judge you.

    But we will hold you accountable 😉 xo

  3. I LOVE this idea!! I am a huge goal person too and kind of wonder what I can/should be doing now that I’m in between training for anything. Part of me wants to join you on this one…hmmmm!!

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  5. I like a nice damp rain on a run every so often 🙂

    As for my goals for November? To get back into shape. In April I had to shutdown because of some mystery pain that took 6+ months to be properly diagnosed and (hopefully) treated. I had 3 triathlons and 2 runs lined up for the summer and had to drop out of every single one. I’ve only just begun getting back to the same training regime I had before I went on the shelf. November = training a minimum of 5 days a week. I’m starting REALLY slowly, so my distances will be a fraction of what they used to be, but the frequency will help me feel normal again. 2 days in, and so far so good.

    It’s been a long road, and I still have a long ways to go, but it’s good to have a burning in my legs again.

    PS: Your blog was one of my favourites before I went down, and now that I’m back I’m plugging back into the same blogs I used to read before hand. Much like your blog post, it’s good to share your goals…if anything just to stay motivated.

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