Halloween Candy: Don’t Be Scared!

Happy Halloween! Nothing beats the smell of all the jackolanterns lit on Halloween night. Does everyone have something fabulous planned for this evening? My friends and I always get together and pass out candy to the little trick or treaters. Aren’t they the cutest?!

As I come out of my own candy corn indused coma, no doubt that by this time of the month you’ve seen countless articles on the scary health hazards of Halloween candy. I say, take it all in moderation and enjoy the candyfest. It’s Halloween! For all those who have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied, Vitamin G shares their 5 Healthy-ish Halloween Candies.

Those tasty treats making the list include:
– Hershey’s Special Dark: Dark chocolate has the heart-healthy antioxidants.
– Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: Yes! These tiny cups of awesomeness are made with non-hydrogenated oil, better than candies with trans-fats. Plus they are cup-size!
– Junior Mints or Peppermint Patties: Lower in fat than many other choco sweets. I love to put them in the freezer.
– Almond M&Ms: No trans-fats and they have the healthy almond right in the middle.
– Jolly Ranchers: Rumor has it they take longer to eat. Meh, these are my least favorite on the list.

Do you have a candy that should have made the list? I was pulling for Reese’s Pieces or Snickers. What candies can you absolutely not live without on Halloween?

12 responses to “Halloween Candy: Don’t Be Scared!

  1. i have yet to by candy corn because i don’t want to share it. haha. I do love reeses and I am still holding out on m&m’s gluten free pretzel m&m’s. hmmmm, maybe i can make those myself?!

  2. My husband decided to torture me by buying peanut butter cups for the kiddos – but now that I see them on the “good” list, I guess maybe he wasn’t trying to kill me afterall. 😉 I love anything peanut butter, chocolate and/or caramel related. MMM. Now I want to dive into the chocolate to go with my morning coffee, hehe

  3. Happy HAlloween! Passing out candy sounds fun! WE don’t get ANy trick or treaters though. Apparently walking to houses with 3 acres is just too much. SO I might sit at my grnadma’s house tonight to pass out candy! She always gets a TON of trick or treaters and I love seeing the little kiddies costumes!

  4. I actually haven’t had that much candy other than when I was at my friend’s house and hit up her candy bowl. However, I assume everyone at work will be keeping an eye on the breakroom for when the parents of kids all bring extra candy in to get rid of…

  5. THANK YOU!!! no more “healthy alternatives” – just enjoy some candy! it won’t hurt you!! 😀 there definitely are some better candies out there, and things I won’t waste my time with. bring on the chocolate (and peanut butter!), you can keep the candy corn and jolly ranchers.


  6. I absolutely LOVE Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and not the small ones. I do also like Halloween candy with gooey caramel in it as well…I didn’t have any Halloween candy this year though, because of the freak snow storm that bombarded us on the east coast. I’ll get my craving taken care of. 😉 Happy Hump Day!

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