Passion Points

I have an exercise for you, but it doesn’t involve sweat, stretching or balance. This exercise is for the old noodle.

I’ve been participating in Oprah’s Lifeclass, which I could ramble about for hours, and have been taking the lessons about learning your purpose in life to heart. Oprah has an amazing tool to help you start learning more about yourself and start driving towards your goals.

O’s 4-Step Guide to Discovering Who You’re Meant to Be
It’s about figuring out what you’re great at, what it takes to keep you moving forward, and exactly what you need to succeed.

You start off with 10 quick, fun, fill-in-the-blank questions about the activities that get the fire in your belly going. From there, you can “Take Stock of Your Strengths” and begin to identify your goals and fuel your motivation to get set and GO!

Take a few moments today and test it out. I’d love to hear how you turn out and if there are any good surprises.

Any other tips you have on how you have found your passion in life?

5 responses to “Passion Points

  1. LOVE this. One of the first questions you answer before “goal-setting” with the model lululemon uses is “When do you feel most powerful?” Not something we ask ourselves often enough.

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