If I Were A Boy

Go with me on this one. Who says that men should have all the fun? I am often caught reading my man’s magazines or browsing them online. Men’s Health Magazine supplies me with workouts for days. The noticeable difference I have found in men’s mags versus women’s is that some have a way of cutting through the emotional clutter and telling it like it is.

I subscribe to Women’s Health Magazine (I pay for it, no endorsement, but it would be nice), and judging a book by it’s cover it appears that both Women and Men’s Health mags seem similar, and promise us flat abs. Oh, bonus.

But taking a closer look inside, there are some things that women could benefit learning from the men. Health & Fitness Lifestyle Coach Marta Montenegro breaks down, “The good in men’s diet tendencies: A look at gender differences.” She mentions a few tips worth considering:

No emotional eating: Men don’t reward themselves with food.
Eat more protein: Men have a substantially higher protein amount of breakfast.
Have a beer!:…As far as alcohol, women usually like the sweeter fruiter ones, but guys like the beer or straight hard liquor, which calorie-wise can be better.

There are exceptions to every rule, but this sounds like a page in my hus’ playbook. Men simply don’t over-think some things. Before I offend anyone, I love being a women and I fully acknowledge that our bodies and hormones are vastly different from a dude, but sometimes taking a queue from the opposite sex isn’t such a bad idea.

Any tips you have learned from the opposite sex? Would you pick up a men’s magazine?

11 responses to “If I Were A Boy

  1. I’ve actually stopped reading most fitness related mags because they can be so stereotypical I’ve noticed and it drives me bonkers. I actually DO like Men’s Health better than Woman’s Health for the same reason as you – it’s more “real” than Woman’s Health can be. Totally bugs me. I will say – both have great recipe ideas though.

  2. ALL good points, my friend. Us gals use our over-thinking-skillz for too many things that would normally be left to intuition. I’d totally pick up a guy’s magazine – although D is more of a “Velo News”, Daily Beast & Huffington post reader. No freebies to snatch around our house!

  3. like Amanda, I used to subscribe to GQ. I don’t have as much time to read ANY magazine these days, but in a waiting room or at the gym, I regularly read Mens Health. EXACTLY for all reasons everyone said here – they take emotion out of things, straight up and to the point.

  4. Guy’s perspective here – I’ve read enough Men’s Health and Runner’s World to know that even the men’s magazines get repetitive at times, but the main reason I still pony up for them is that they’re good motivation. I will confess to never having read a Women’s Health or any kind of female fitness magazine, so I can’t comment on how their articles/tips are written or presented, but I can comment on liking the straightforward approach of men’s fitness magazines. I don’t like messing around, so just tell me what I need to know now so I can put the darn magazine down and give it a try ASAP!

    PS: Another GQ subscriber here. It’s just so good and has brought up the style-points with my girlfriend 10-fold in a year =P

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