Hiking: Refresh Your Workout Routine

I am a gym rat. I love me some indoor workouts and classes, but by the weekend I am ready for a change and some fresh air. The hus and I made a pact to spend at least one day a week doing an activity outside of the gym.

After my epic mountain adventure I was looking for a hiking trail more local and much easier. The fall weather is holding out for a few more weeks and I am planning on taking full advantage. We found a perfect nearby trail and headed out for a hike. My favourite part about hiking is the way that the time flies. You look down at your watch and can’t believe that an hour goes by so quickly.

The trail we picked was littered with obstacles and rocks perfect for climbing all over. After the mountain I climbed last weekend, these rocks were easy to maneuver. God’s outdoor playground did not disappoint.

In addition to the fresh air and natural beauty, here are a few other reasons I encourage you all to get out and explore:
Unplug. Nature is your chance to hop offline and detox from your Facebook newsfeed. Simply too much going on around you to have your face in a phone.
Sharpen your senses. Whip out a map and plot your course. Nature heightens your awareness of everything around you.
Your whole body will thank you. Hiking even a moderate course can leave you feeling tight or even a little sore the next day. It is an amazing all over workout as you trek both up and downhill. Your bum appreciates your effort.

Hiking Essentials — from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to hiking socks and shoes, let’s get you covered for the outdoors:
Fitsugar “Take a Hike! (With These Fall Hiking Gear Essentials)” Outdoor bonus, a reason to shop. You need to look cute for those squirrels, right? :p
Prevention “Make Hiking More Fun! What you do before hitting the trail makes all the difference between pleasure and pain.” A few moves in the gym or at home to get you ready and keep you in trail kicking condition.

Anyone up for a hike? What’s your favourite outdoor activity?

13 responses to “Hiking: Refresh Your Workout Routine

  1. I truly love a good hike! Wishing I had a car to drive upstate in this fall weather for a hike. It’s great you guys are getting to explore all these trails.

  2. I think I enjoy running so much because it is outdoors (with the exception of the rare treadmill run of course). Just something so much nice about being out in the fresh air. (and I don’t know why or how to fix, but your comments always end up my spam folder)

  3. My husband has been DYING to get me out and hiking! After reading this, I think he’s right — we ought to try it! And before it gets too cold around here to really explore. Hmm. Adding this to my list of things to do in the next month 🙂

  4. Wow, that scenery is incredible! I live in a super flat state, so I don’t think we have anything that remotely approaches that. Still, we have great nature trails. We were actually going to go down to one on Sunday but my husband was under the weather.

  5. “God’s outdoor playground did not disappoint. ” – but really, does it ever?

    If there is one thing we will always miss/love about Colorado, it’s definitely the views on the top of those mountains. No matter what the elevation (though those 14-ers are hard to beat), it is always breath-taking. Larabars were my go-to snack – easy to bring along, don’t get smashed & they’re filling! Plus if I get to snack on something “pie” flavored while I’m outside, then yes, I will do that. 😉

    • Yes, you would throw in a “14-er” you still have Colorado in you:) Good shopping and snacks, see hiking is our friend. CO still goes unrivaled in the outdoors for the states, so true.

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