If You Have to Ask Me Why I’m Running, Then You Will Never Understand

I was a runner for a few years before my mother finally picked up on my habit hobby. I still remember where I was when she decided out of the blue to do a half marathon. I am happy to share my passion with others, but once people start running they realise the high, the feeling and everyone gets an instant running ego. Running is your time to be selfish. I can’t teach anyone this, they have to move their own two feet to figure it out.

I am incredibly proud of my mom and cannot believe that when I say, “I have a big race announcement,” it’s not mine. Norak has made a pact – with herself – to run a 10K every quarter to keep her in shape for her half marathon. She means business kids. She’s running a local race this weekend, and she is currently deciding which of two courses she is going to dominate. I am elated with pride, and insanely jealous.

It’s been a bit since I have talked about pure running, but on that note I have a confession. Ever since my marathon my running fire has fizzled some. I am praying for that spark to come back even stronger. Running is still my time and I manage a few runs a week, but I miss the days where I could literally run for miles without blinking. I have found other amazing activities like hiking and cycling to take up in the absence of running, but I’m looking forward to lacing up soon for another race. That should kick me in gear.

On that note, I’m going to start looking for jingle bell races when I’m back stateside for Christmas.

To everyone — get out there and run, even on the days you don’t want to. You never regret the miles you do, only the miles you don’t. But for me, running is a helluva a lot cheaper than therapy.

What motivates your run?


9 responses to “If You Have to Ask Me Why I’m Running, Then You Will Never Understand

  1. I’m motivated to run because it makes me happy. Can be very cleansing after a stressful day and shakes of any and all frustration, too. Plus I’m usually running beside my husband and that is some of the most quality time we spend together all week. ❤

    PS. your mom is amazing!!

  2. My goal was to run one half marathon and finish then never run again. I got hooked. It is a great way to challenge yourself and hit your goals. As I am in the older age group I may not be able to beat my time from previous years but I will finish. Last weekend I ran 12 miles at a 9:37 pace. My goal for the half in Feb is to finish it 2 hours or under. If not. that’s ok. I set my goal. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you gently pushed me into running…

  3. That is awesome! Your mom totally kicks butt.

    I’ve been back and forth in the last few months. Some weeks I feel like running forever. Others I can’t stand doing more than 2 or 3 miles at a time. Hopefully the week of my 15k will be a week of wanting to “run forever”…

  4. Go, Norak, go! Sounds like she might have turned the tables on you, trying to pull that running mojo back out from its marathon debut. 😉

    There’s a “jingle bell” race in DC, mid-December!

    I’m just sayin’. If you’re up for a pit-stop in the nation’s capital…

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