Strong is Sexy in the Latest ESPN The Body Issue

We could stop at that title, but we’ll go on. Browsing my Women’s Health Magazine I stumbled across some photos that would make Mr Universe blush. ESPN The Magazine has released their annual body issue, and watering the yard has never looked this good.

From Women’s Health:
ESPN The Magazine’s third annual Body Issue is out on newsstands and it features 22 athletes posing nude, with their private bits strategically covered. We love The Body Issue not only because it showcases the physiques of some of the fittest athletes in sports, but also because a few of its subjects have a powerful message: Strong is the new sexy.

The ESPN Body Issue reminds me of The Bodies Exhibition, but with living people. Professional athletes are blessed with phenomenal bodies, and rightly so due to all their hard work. U.S. Women’s Soccer goalie Hope Solo and pro snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler are the reason your boyfriends will pick up the issue. Male athletes like Apolo Anton Ohno and Ryan Hall make appearances, but I think the ladies steal the issue. I am not a huge fan of people in the buff but I understand what the magazine was hoping to show and inspire.

Ohno summed the issue up best, “For me it’s about showcasing my movement, my body in its most pure form, in its most raw form. Nude obviously, but also because of the fact that it’s in a skating position. I’m moving, I’m thinking about it, I’m visualizing specifically where I am…”

These photos show that athletes are strong. Athletes are beautiful. Athletes are at one with their body.

What do you think of The Body issue? Does this make you want to go hit the gym or hit the newsstand for another magazine?

9 responses to “Strong is Sexy in the Latest ESPN The Body Issue

  1. Hit tha gym! Bones shouldn’t be showcased, we should see those muscles that are meant to cover them. Love this.

  2. I need to go pick up this issue! At first I didn’t like the idea, but then I started to really love it. These people are amazing and it’s inspiring to see what an professional athlete’s body looks like.

  3. is ryan hall really in that? I am surprised he posed. I think athletes bodies are amazing. My husbands is super strong, and hairy! haha. I had to say that.

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